10 Most Awaited Games to be Soon Released

We proudly present you the list of the most awaited games to be released in the late 2010 and during the 2011.

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PS3owns360_2759d ago

Assassin's Creed Brother
- Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Game Genre: Modern Action/Shooter
Platforms: PC, XBOX360, PS3
Release Date: November 6 2010 (XBOX360&PS3); February 22 2011 (PC)
ESRB: Mature (Blood, Strong Language, Violence)

The article got COD: Black Ops mixed up with AC:BH..


What happened to the game ''I am Alive''?

Anyone knows?

Ducky2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

It's still alive.
They just aren't releasing much info, so it's hard to get excited. =x
I'd expect some more details around late-Winter/early-Spring as long as there's no delays.

il-mouzer2758d ago

I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic settings, hence why I am Alive is on my radar, still no news though =/

StanRaimondi2758d ago

Max payne and Hitman they have a release date? Better yet Has Hitman even been announced.

Ducky2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Q4 of 2011 is soon?
No mention of Brink made me Rage.

No love for DeusEx either. =(

NecrumSlavery2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

yeah the last half of these games have no realse dates at all.

What about Bulletstorm, Epic Mickey, inFAMOUS 2, Sorcery, LittleBigPlanet 2? What a steaming pile of crap article.

Greek God2758d ago

InFamous 2
Resistance 3

jaih272758d ago

No Diablo 3..... wow the games whoever wrote this article, happens to be looking forward to, really..... really blows.

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The story is too old to be commented.