New NHL 2K8 Details; Differences in 360/PS3 Versions, Possible Wii 2KHockey

Xbox Evolved has posted some highlights with a conference call they recently did with the developers at 2KSports on NHL2K8.

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Lord Anubis4126d ago

-The only real advantage the PS3 version seems to have is 6v6 play (with six controllers on one console!) to Xbox 360’s 3v3. Other than that, the developers seem to prefer Xbox Live over PS3’s online environment, at least that was the feeling I got, with Xbox 360 specific features such as saving highlight reels to Xbox Live for sharing purposes.

feelings on a report?

Bazookajoe_834126d ago

I was thinking the same thing =) I have a feeling that jessica alba likes me ;-)

pilotpistolpete4126d ago

my fav. quote:

With regards to developing, the team claims to not have been having a hard time developing multiplatform unlike their competition, with all versions staying at 60 frames per second despite visual upgrades

Razzy4126d ago

ohhhh...EA just got b!tch slapped!!

mighty_douche4126d ago

6v6 would be interesting, if a little hectic, wondered when the ps3 was release why it supports 7 controllers, now i see why!

Daytona4087d ago

I continue to hear ps3esk things that tells me how screwed up sony is and there losing battle against the Xbox 360 and the Wii.