Two Worlds 2 PS3 vs Xbox 360 HD Screenshot Comparison

In this screenshot check they compared the PS3 version to the Xbox 360 one of Two Worlds 2. As you can see on the first image, the PlayStation 3 version has more blurry textures.

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WildArmed2759d ago

Unfortunately when It comes to Two Worlds (2).. I'm more concerned about the quality of the title.. before I start worrying about the port/best platform.

The first one was quite... unimpressive.

Brewski0072759d ago

This is still flamebait.

wwm0nkey2759d ago

Yes the first one wasnt the greatest thing ever, it was filled with more bugs than anything else and ran at like 20 FPS, but you know what? The core gameply was still great, I played TW2 at E3 this year and the game looks great in motion and plays very well too.

lowcarb2759d ago

It's flamebait but one can't help but wonder what happened. I mean is PS3 seriously that hard to program for or what. 360 is the to go on multi-plats going by this trend.

Solidus187-SCMilk2759d ago

ther are actually alot of people here with a 360 and a ps3, and Id assume they would prefer to know the differences in order to get the most for their 60$.

but like the other guy said, we should be more worried about what kind of improvements have been made over the original for this game, not what version looks better.

HolyOrangeCows2759d ago

A crappy port for a likely crappy sequel to a crappy game.

Heartnet2759d ago

True ^^ however TW2 looks awesome and i have to take that the ps3 was taken at a different time in game lol since the lighting is non exsistent..

Also this game was made using like 4 different versions of the GRACE engine and they announced that it will look better on ps3 but run smoother on the xbox 360..

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Stunt2759d ago

Wow. Two Worlds II looks terrible on PS3.

Corrwin2759d ago

You think the 360 version looks good?

You know you're a fanboy when you think one turd looks better than another.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2759d ago

But the ps3's turd is uglier and smellier so. . .yeah

hakis862759d ago

What's wrong with the lighting on the 360 version?? Looks so rough! :-/

Heartnet2759d ago

As i could tell only difference was the lighting and he could have been playing at a different time of day on the ps3..

And on the second image the ps3 character model looks alot better than the 360's

but yeh 360 one is looking nice ^^

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Shaman2759d ago

ugly...ugly game.Man...those textures...f.u.g.l.y.

Bigpappy2759d ago

I don't care which version looks better.

R_aVe_N2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I have seen much better screens of this game earlier this year I can not believe that these are in HD screens. The PS3 version looks like SD screens not HD.

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The story is too old to be commented.