EA Or BioWare Will Never Be Profitable With Star Wars: The Old Republic

Speaking at London Games Conference, Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz doubts that EA/BioWare's upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic "will ever be profitable."

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pedrami912811d ago

How much work & money was put into it anyway ?

Game-ur2811d ago

I never played a game from BioWere that I didn’t love, from Baldur's Gate to Dragon Age, and with this game being a story driven MMORPG, they have my annual subscription already.

As for work put into this, BW mentioned its about 5 times larger than a KOTOR game.

MagicAccent2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

5 times larger you say? That might have something to do with there being 9 classes, each with their individual storyline, as opposed to only one long story line.
So each storyline is approximately half as long as a kotor game if the 5 times larger statement is anything to go by.
I'd rather have one epicly huge storyline as a singleplayer experience for 100 million dollars, but maybe that's just me :/

Still, If they succeed it might pave the way for other mmos by Bioware, such as a Mass Effect mmo, which at least I would be significantly more interested in :)

Game-ur2811d ago

5 times give or take, and will get bigger with expansions.

I'm a single player kind of gamer myself with no interest in MMORPGs, but BW promised to combine the 2 experiences, kind of like Demon Souls.

Will be my first PC game since Witcher (if it releases before Witcher 2)

AndrewRyan2811d ago

All MMORPG or most I should say play World of Warcraft. Most will not even attempt to try the game, the others will, and even if they like it they probably won't switch games.

For example, I have put in about $250 in World of Warcraft over the years, and my investment has payed off. I am not going to just throw away my investment to start from scratch on The Old Republic.

Just my personal opinion. If you don't play MMORPG's you don't deserve to have a say.

Baka-akaB2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

you can't really know for certain yet . There is a non quantified yet demographic of people repulsed or tired with the pointless grind in pve/pvp or wow like minded mmos .

People who have different tastes and focus (like the upcoming guild wars 2 , or like game focusing on stories and plots like Kotor) .

Besides while unstoppable for probably a long while , it's hardly as if WoW ever had valid , solid and huge competition .

At best it had more copies lacking its polish (warhammer ?) , game that completely failed their launch with buggy and faulty engines ( AOC ? again Warhammer ?) , more unbalanced korean grind with pretty faces (Aion...) , and games that were clearly finding some success but designed for een more peculiar niches (city of heroes ....)

Of course the people who'd leave for a while to a try a game like Aion , gets bored and go back . Same with each game till someone really get serious .

Blaster_Master2811d ago

I wish they would stick to the really good franchises they made in the past like Jade Empire and bring KOTOR to consoles. Shit, let Obsidian make it since they obviously are too busy trying to satisfy all the noob action rpg fans.

RedDead2810d ago

Kotor 1 and 2 are on Xbox

It's where I originally fell in love with them.

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Persistantthug2811d ago

It's the only way for the game to truly be competitive and overtake WoW. You have to go were WoW isn't....on consoles.

I'm very sure this will happen since EA's got the networking infrastructure already in place for the PS3.

Unfortunately, for me, I want Guild Wars 2 on the PS3 more than Star Wars: TOR. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. :)

r1sh122810d ago

I think The old republic should never have been made.
They should have continued the KOIOR series, which in my eyes is one the best games out there.
Yes the 2nd was not better than the first but they were very good.

FanboyPunisher2810d ago

Chucked 100+ Million and its still isnt up to next-gen snuff eh?

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treacherous_gamer2811d ago

If you read the article it says "they estimated a development budget of over $100m"

Letros2811d ago

Never say never, whoops.

VenomProject2811d ago

My wallet begs to differ.

HDgamer2811d ago

They will, the name star wars says it all. It could be a WOW character model swap, it will sell millions.

Baka-akaB2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Star War Galaxies beg to differ . It was a valuable lesson .

The game had some success based on its own few qualities , but mostly the licence , with limited effect . Hardly millions selling .

Contrary to popular beliefs , no mmo (unless free) is going to be a massive success without some huge level of polish and quality , like blizzard proposed with WoW .

Wich is what most concurrents has failed to do so far . The only truly polished and excellent mmo afterward was Guild Wars , and it met huge success . Even if not having subcriptions , truly helped and even if GW is a peculiar mmo .

Saladfax2810d ago

Guild Wars and Lord of the Rings: Online have mild to moderate success, but still nowhere near the sheer profitability of WoW.

Baka-akaB2810d ago

Guild wars wasnt a mild to moderate success .
It's a distant second to wow obviously , but a huge success , it sold over 6 million units , and each addon was a big hit above the million .
Even if an oddity without a subscriptions and its gameplay model , it's easily one of the biggest success , if not the biggest besides WoW .

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