5 Things That Suck About Kinect

GamerZines: Yesterday, we went through the cool things you might not know about Kinect. In the interest of fairness, here are the five things that aren't so great about Microsoft's motion sensing device.

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Chaostar2816d ago

I live in the UK so it's not out here yet ¬_¬

Can I get an opinion from a dedicated gamer, is it worth picking up at launch?

wat6342816d ago

Its a fun and useful device, but whether if anyone wants to buy it, that's up to them.

8-bit2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Yes, you can activate Kinect Hub and move things around with future 'Minority Report' hand movements, but there's not a lot of things you can do in Kinect Hub. Want to search the marketplace? Can't. Want to quickly bring up the guide? No, sorry. You'll need a controller for that.

4. It's laggy

There's a noticeable gap between your movements and your on-screen avatars. Some games aren't affected by it, but things like Kinect Adventures are too sluggish to play reactively. This creates a disconnect that defeats the purpose of the experience.

3. The games are very similar

There are concerns that we've already seen everything that the camera is capable of. Move around, wave your arms, hit things that are flying at you... don't be surprised if the controller gets incorporated into future Kinect experiences soon.

2. Your limbs like to break themselves

Remember when Kudo first showed off the technology? Remember how his avatar's legs twisted in on itself? Yeah, that still happens. Seeing your ankle float above your thigh is a little disconcerting to say the least.

1. It feels like a soft launch

The half-and-half dashboard controls, the sketchy software, the minimal voice controls... it feels like Kinect is waiting for a major firmware update to really be the device it can be. We understand why it had to come out before Christmas, but it does feel like it's not quite ready.

edgeofblade2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I disagree that the lag is all that noticeable. It's certainly something you can compensate for.

and... in before the "why should we have to compensate, it should just work". I supposeyou could also argue that games should just beam directly into our brains instead of us compensating by using our eyes...

And it's pretty much given that a controller will be necessary for most future experiences. I'm just waiting for Microsoft to introduce their version of the Move to go with the Kinect. N4G will be absolutely insufferable when that happens.

Boody-Bandit2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Compensate to latency?
Latency is gamings mortal enemy.

Just the word itself makes me want to kick my dog!
Where the hell are you Bison?

STiRacer2816d ago

edge said "and... in before the "why should we have to compensate, it should just work". I supposeyou could also argue that games should just beam directly into our brains instead of us compensating by using our eyes... "

thats some good shit right there.

Anon19742816d ago

I know one guy that bought Kinect, despite misgivings about the reviews he read. He was a big DDR fan and was looking forward to Dance Central. After having it for a day he said the lag was noticeable but that didn't really stop him from enjoying the game. He's a bit bummed that he doesn't have enough room in his living room for two player, and he's considering returning it already, but it's not base on Dance Central itself, just that he spend $150 plus the cost of Dance Central and it he didn't really feel it's worth the money he spent.

DemiT2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

well, darkride66, I seriously doubt that your story is actually true.

given your posting history, you seem pretty keen on downplaying MS, the 360 and Kinect, so readers may be advised to take your comment(s) with a very large pinch of salt.

But maybe I am wrong and you are telling the truth?

In that case, if your friend is 'really' unhappy with his purchase, then he could always put it on ebay.
Going by current demand, he would likely be able to sell it at a profit as we near the christmas season.

When he makes the profit on sale, remind him that he owes you a drink for suggesting it in the first place!

RageAgainstTheMShine2815d ago

Don't worry guys I am sure Microsoft is getting ready with Kinect Motion Plus to address this lag and calibration issues.

lexington2815d ago

the main reason that kinect sucks for ps fanboys is that it's not on ps3hdwii. All Sonly could come up with the a wii wanna be pink ball wavey around thingy wii copy.

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avengers19782816d ago

Why all the disagrees for @Chaostar, I for one don't know if it is out in EU yet. And he is only asking a very valid question.

edgeofblade2816d ago

I'll offer what's admittedly a pro-kinect perspective.

You need space. I have lots of space... almost 12 feet (3.5 meters) from my TV, minus the coffee table.

The tracking is responsive. Don't listen to what everyone else is saying. Everything has a little lag, but it by no means breaks the experience... unless you are one of those people who fret over milliseconds of lag.

Long story short, the tech works, but the games may be lacking for a core audience. I'm personally pumped up for Child of Eden and Steel Battalion when they show up.


I can give you a very unbiased opinion, as I have all of the systems (plus Move and Kinect).

IMO Kinect is another step up in technology, think of it this way Move is the evolution of the Wii mote, and Kinect is an evolution of the PSEYE.

Video's and reviews aren't going to help you out much with this one, this is one of those things that you are going to actually have to try out for yourself. Personally I haven't had any issues using kinect and I am glad I bought it, however I bought it for a different reason than most.

I bought Kinect for the technology that it has, the games are just icing on the cake for me, I like the fact that it recognizes my face, I can navigate the hub with my hand, and my favorite thing is being able to control things with my voice (almost flawless). Some of the games are cool to, Dance Central is surprisingly accurate (it knows if you are doing a dance step wrong) Kinect adventures works pretty well too.

I consider myself to be a true hardcore gamer, I have all the systems I mainly play "core" games but I am not opposed to having fun with gaming every now and then, Kinect and Move both help out with my gaming options.

To answer your question, YES IT IS WORTH IT!

simplyRealistic182816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

"I bought Kinect for the technology that it has, the games are just icing on the cake for me, I like the fact that it recognizes my face, I can navigate the hub with my hand, and my favorite thing is being able to control things with my voice "

that nice and all, but not many consumers spend over $150 on something just because it look cool even if it isn't really useful......Wait what am i saying, People actually bought the I-Pad

but back on topic, i dont really play games as much as i use to so, i dont think i will ever buy Kinnect or the Move, i just dont see the point,

mostly because the few time i actually do play game, is for like a relaxation kinda thing, Sitting down on a couch to play sport/shooting/fighting game with buddies

I Hope everyone know the whole emphasis behind all these things are to make gamers more active , because amount of obesity in gaming , and Im not fat so i dont need to do all of that


Are video games useful??? No, its all entertainment. A computer is useful, a cell phone is useful, a car is useful. I don't really understand the point in your statement.

The things that I stated are what made Kinect worth it to me. I never said I got it because it looked cool, I like the technology that is built into Kinect it is cool to use. You kinda twisted my words there.

Chaostar2816d ago

I am really only interested in games and nobody is raving about how good they are :| I hear a lot of 'potential' this and 'High tech' that but I haven't heard one game being lorded as good enough to satisfy a 'core' gamer. I am in no way opposed to party games and the such if they are good but I'm not gonna drop £130 just for that when I have a wii/move already.

Kinect is still an option for me but I'm gonna have to play it first and maybe pick it up when the second gen of games hit.


Sounds good, whenever you do get a chance, check out dance central, Kinect sports, and fighters uncaged. Dance Central is my favorite, its actually pretty accurate and knows when you are doing a dance wrong.

FOXDIE2815d ago

Short answer? No
Long answer, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo!

Scary692815d ago

It's not fun or useful it only seems to be so for those who are clueless and in denial. Kinect is a total fail and it's a shame that MS didn't even fix any of the known issues. But what can you expect from a company that seems to know of issues yet does nothing to fix them.

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Supman2816d ago Show
edgeofblade2816d ago

I'll put this out there: The technology has limitations. But so does Move, Wii, Eye, Eyetoy.... Microsoft fucking Sidewinder. If you stick Move behind your back or off camera, it suddenly becomes much less accurate.

I'd give Kinect a little fuckin credit, but everything would be a little better with a higher res depth camera.

ArmrdChaos2816d ago

Starting to see that latest negative posts for Kinect are opinion pieces? I guess if you can't find bad news then write your own. heh

vhero2816d ago

You cant?? You didn't look far then.. It's not exactly getting gleaming reviews..

SyphonFilter2816d ago

everything sucks about kinect.

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