Sony reiterates GT5 due "before Christmas," includes US launch

Gran Turismo 5 has already gone gold and work on Gran Turismo 6 has already started. So, when does Gran Turismo 5 release? Speaking to Siliconera, Sony’s Peter Dille says “it is coming before Christmas” as Yamauchi also said last month. However, they “haven’t put a [exact] date” to GT5. “Yeah, Kazunori came out with a comment that they are working on a few last things. He apologized to the community, but explained it is coming before Christmas,”

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tinybigman2543d ago

I'm good they say patience is a virtue.

acedoh2543d ago

but get the game out already. I have a steering wheel waiting. Let's just say GT5 was the biggest reason I bought a PS3.

tinybigman2543d ago

it's one of many reasons why i bought a PS3

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

YES! YES!! MOTHER FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I'm calm now. lol

DORMIN2542d ago


Real confirmation, not some AutoBlog source. lol

Hideo_Kojima2542d ago

Everything seems spot on...
Only thing I can hope for is for a perfect online launch with no lag and crashes...

GT5p wasn't the best at this but than again it was never meant to be a fully tested game.

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Kurisu2543d ago

They say it's gone "Gold" but they are still working on a few last things...?

Dark-Cloud2543d ago

maybe they will put them in an update :)
give every good possible reasons to them don't give say bad things ... :) ..

Theonik2542d ago

Only way the game can slip past a 2010 release at this point is if the printing factories are attacked by an Xbot horde destoying all the stock.

Hideo_Kojima2542d ago

or... 3 EMPs blow up above Japan, Europe and USA...

The internet corrupts.
There is no electrical power or communication between countries or even cities.
International sales stop.
Truck drivers can no longer find fuel.
GT5 remains in the shelves of the factory it was printed on for the next 30-50 years...

Christmas 2060 the world is back to normal Sony has grown to be a huge company again.

They find the disks in one of their abandoned warehouses.
They post them off for sale along with PS3 bundles since 95% of PS3s had been fried by the EMP.

princejb1342542d ago

is about time
so everyone start your engines

Moentjers2542d ago

people always complain when a game comes out and the first thing you have to do is download the first patch and then wait 2 months to clean the major bugs out.

I'm hoping we can forget about that with GT5

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Prcko2543d ago

it's gonna come this year,no worries!

cmrbe2543d ago

The game has gone gold. Must be some server work or a new GT service that they are still trying to perfect.

Either way. I am confident that GT5 is going to be one of those game that will be remembered forever.

arragion2543d ago

I tremble to think what will happen to servers on day 1, so they need to get prepared as much as they can,..

Because this is gaming is one of those events,.. that my non-gamer friends are excited about,..

Narutone662543d ago

said "Good enough is not enough". He's learned that lesson early in his career, and that's the reason GT series always get delayed.

danoman642543d ago

about time i got some news, now just tell us when, am dying here

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