Kinect for Xbox 360 sales in top three at launch

Microsoft Corp.'s new Kinect hardware with Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360 ranked in the top three sales at Inc. this week at launch.

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Ginbe2694d ago

Sony department, look around.....


vault13er2692d ago

Is that a user-generated news site? Reporting that a peripheral sold in the "top 3 on" isn't even newsworthy.

I want to see actual sales figures and I suspect that they are going to be very low and unable to meet even the original 3 million forecast. You can walk in to any store and purchase one without a problem. If they don't have it at that particular store, drive to another one, they're plenty obtainable. It is unlike Microsoft to not boast about something after the first 24 hours so the fact that they didn't is indication itself that there is nothing to boast about. Yes the add on is sold out on most online stores but can still be picked up for retail price on ebay or elsewhere since it has no value beyond that. And for something that is supposed to be like a 'console launch' and attract non-owners I would really like to see sales figures on the bundles. Because those aren't selling. Not online, not anywhere

THunt2692d ago

Yes. I don't know what people are trying to accomplish with these sales stories. Everyone saw that Microsoft couldn't sell out their stock from the launch party. Everyone can see the bundles in stock at online stores. And of course everyone has a cellphone with a camera these days and have been taking pictures of large stacks of unsold Kinect boxes.

Microsoft's marketing and PR people always have some press release ready to go at the 24 hour market after they release something. Kinect sales have to be very poor if they didn't put one out.

2692d ago
shadyiswin2692d ago

There selling like hot cakes and the marketing is just starting, most people still have no clue what it is.

Bigpappy2692d ago

It is going to sell more consoles than reach. Those casual players don't buy Halo and most 360 owners will end up getting this. If not for themselves, for their families who normally wouldn't touch xbox.