Resolution: Deadly Premonition review

Resolution's Greg Giddens writes: There's no two ways about it, Deadly Premonition is an odd game. Gruesome murders, ghostly apparitions, abstract dialogue and imaginary friends are but a few of the peculiar happenings going on. Whether you can look past these eccentricities and enjoy the unique flavour is very much down to your level of tolerance for the ridiculous, and if you can see beyond it and appreciate some excellent set pieces.

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Kran2814d ago

Deadly premonition is awful. I gave up after the car crash. Oh and that's on the first episode ¬¬

Blacktric2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Good for you. On topic, I think its a great game because of its certain "B Movie" feel. Gonna buy it sometime this year.

2814d ago
Acquiescence2814d ago

It really divebombed in the last three hours or so. The plot became less a murder mystery and more...I can't even explain it. Think Quantic Dream's Fahrenheit in its second half. More focus on the paranormal, sharp turns into plot strands that were really not called for... everything just became too convoluted. A shame really, 'cos I was genuinely enjoying it before that. But much like Bioshock, way to massively ruin the momentum of an otherwise intriguing game.

2814d ago