Five Things Kinect Doesn't Want To See

360 Magazine: This week in honor of the motion control revolution we turn our attentions to Kinect, and five things it really doesn’t want to see:

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Red_Phoenix2569d ago

Just out of curiosity, say if you were to play naked, what would Kinect register your junk as? a third leg?

nickjkl2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

i was about to say that

but it was going to be

"i wonder if anyone started humping the air with kinect what would happen"

just the old no handed clap

ChickeyCantor2569d ago

In your case its not even visible ;D

Scary692569d ago

LMAO you guys are stupid. a third leg? LMAO

AllroundGamer2569d ago

well since Kinect has problems detecting black people, that pretty much eliminated the third leg issue ;)

Kran2569d ago

Kinect fills the room with infra red..... best not play naked as it might melt your bollocks off :P

monkey6022569d ago

The first comment in a while to genuinely make me laugh!

Kran2569d ago

That british humour for you :P

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TheOldOne2569d ago

Playstation Move controllers

soundslike2569d ago

you do realize what body tracking cameras means for(what used to be) skypesex?

Kran2569d ago

Welllllll..... Kinect does allow 2 player.... if you know what i mean... hehe XD

No FanS Land2569d ago

I thought it allowed 4 players? XD

maniacmayhem2569d ago

This is what it can't see...

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