Xbox, PlayStation dominance can be 'disrupted' by new Battlefield - EA

The increasing sophistication of free-to-play PC video games is set to "disrupt" the dominance of Microsoft and Sony amongst hardcore gamers.

That's according to EA, which is set to unveil a free-to-play PC Battlefield game today. The title will be a more hardcore, realistic offering than the wildly popular Battlefield 1943.

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Letros2789d ago

Popular franchise + addictive gameplay + great business model = win

nix2788d ago

PC was always 'free' to play. thanks to pirates!

Letros2788d ago

1/10 response scored, it lacked originality, but one point for effort.

nix2787d ago

i think i deserve 2 at least. you how tough it is to comment on a PS3 browser???