Does Kinect have problems with bright lights? Hilarious Video included!

The calibration feature of Microsoft's Kinect seems to have a problem with bright lighting. The guys of Cynamite have taken the system to their (brightly lit) studio and the results have been, well, amusing - to say the least.

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FriedGoat2815d ago

doesn't work when its too dark? doesn't work when its too bright? only works when its "just right" sounds like little red riding hood.

SixZeroFour2815d ago

you should brush up on those fairy tales, cause i think that story was goldilocks and the 3 bears lol

The Wood2815d ago

And the other does not

Lmao @ brush up on those fairy tales....But fried's point still made sense so you both win

yourfather2815d ago

dose any one need play kinect in the sun or darkness?

arragion2815d ago

''dose any one need play kinect'' and ?
that part made really good sense!!!

xAlmostPro2815d ago

Yet you still get people and news sites(clearly paid) saying its actually very good with no issues :L

avengers19782815d ago

MS hype machine didn't help this thing sell out.
witch is surprising considering that MS said they had to stop pre-orders cause the demand was to great.

4Sh0w2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I'm telling anybody, to give kinect a try for themselves, nothing against the wii or move but seriously kinect is alot more fun, I got off work early and spent 5hrs playing kinect adventures, kinect sports, and dance central with my wife and kids and it was the most fun we ever had gaming together. Its not just for kids, I had a neighbor over he's my age and we both were getting competitive having a great time. Lag wasn't a problem, my house is avg size and space wasn't a problem(it tells you when you're too close or not far enough), 6ft really is not alot, I'm a black guy and I setup kinect ID for me and my whole family, it had no problem recognizing me, the dashboard stuff and voice recognition is amazing, I'm telling you kinect works, seriously I'm not saying its going to make you breakfast but its a great piece of tech and the games are alot better than microsoft has been given credit for.

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mrbattle4202814d ago

i got it yesterday and I live in a townhouse and is not that big at all and i got no lights in the celing ,so I got 1 lamp and it work fine and I dint got no issues to be honest it got a really small lag and is not a issue .I calibrated this ting once and it work fine and I play advetures and sports and they work fine ,maybe some units are bad like the rrod but so far I dint have and issue and I have I blast with my wife so I got her into gaming for once and that for me is great!!! and a lot of ppl said that ms pay IGN for the review and they gived a 7 score so realy are u guys that much of a fanboy!!and I got move and the game by game calibration is enoying but move works better than kinnect but kinect is nothing like the eyetoy,my eyetoy suck balls and i removed the dust to play move,thanks move for make me used my eyetoy again

BubloZX2814d ago

Us hardcore gamers don't sit around play lame shit like kinect adventures and dance central proves your not a gamer.

avengers19782814d ago

Tell me that your still playing for 5 hours a day in a month. Sure you just got it so it's great... When I first got move it was all I played for a week, but now I only play a little each week.

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4Sh0w2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

lol are you serious?

No, it works fine. I first calibrated it with the lights on and it played fine, later at night I played it with all the lights out and it worked fine, I didn't have any special lighting tricks, just the lights on or off. I moved moved my coffee table over to the side wall out of view, and just started to play games. Theres alot of misinformation I'm hearing and I just dont see it. Sometimes I went to the wrong menu because of course Im getting used to it but other than that its really easy to use.

zoks3102814d ago

I'm with FriedGoat on this one, real gamers dont read kids story books, shoot....going by N4G average member standers we dont read period.

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arragion2815d ago

It has problems ,.. because all it can do is ps2 eye-toy games,..
Now that is the problem at 150usd,..

Denethor_II2814d ago

'You think that's bad' In the UK it's £130, which equates to $211

BubloZX2814d ago

think of it as a blessing.

George Sears2815d ago

Thing came out mentally challenged.

RedSoakedSponge2815d ago

kinect has to be the biggest hardware disappointment for this generation of gaming lol.

xAlmostPro2815d ago

agreed yet certain news sites are giving it good scores even though there is clear eveidence and proof that its not good tech, and that every kinect game so far is on rails and pretty much a complate clone of each other

RedSoakedSponge2815d ago

yeah i guess its a case of either microsoft paying the reviewers, or the people reviewing arent very experienced. Cos i can even see though all the videos how unreliable the tech is.

visualb2815d ago

i must disagree, biggest hardware disappointment will be this:


Sackdude2814d ago

At least it works and it plays games and it has some good MMOs.

Kinect is FAIL!

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