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tdogg060519912632d ago

Not a bad idea just don't have the first free installment a demo.

Red_Orange_Juice2632d ago

hope they won't lock the best weapons for paying gamers, that sucked in Heroes

-Alpha2632d ago

That is exactly what they'll do, they need to make the money back somehow.

I'd rather just pay for the game because buying guns just totally offsets the balance.

Shackdaddy8362632d ago


well, its a very good way to see if you like the game first.

evrfighter2632d ago

or you could just buy bf2 for about 10 bucks and experience it in all its glory...

DeadlyFire2631d ago

Looks almost identical to Battlefield 2 if you ask me. BattleField 2 for Free. Nice idea, but why rename it and change the content and not just say BattleField 2. Now Free to own and play.

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TheGameFoxJTV2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Ha, Microtransactions! GOOOOOOO!!!!!

scar202632d ago

Just signed up for the beta this looks good.

4lenangel2632d ago

Wow. I remembered when Battlefield 2 brought me hundreds of hours joy. Damn. One of the best pc games imo.

soundslike2632d ago

i played it on a shitty graphics card and still couldn't get enough pop-up-jaggy-30fps fun

Sam Fisher2632d ago

was too addicted to multiplayer at the time

soundslike2632d ago

what single player?

you do realize bf2 for xbox wasn't really a battlefield game

Motion2632d ago

battlefield 2 didn't have a single player campaign, online only.

BYE2632d ago

So they're trying to build a counter-movement to Bobby Kotick's World of Codcraft plans...

Respect EA, it looks very nice, too.

soundslike2632d ago

They called it "HD" but if you call anything "HD" on pc you are either extremely ignorant to the existence of resolutions way over "HD" for the last 10 years in pc gaming, or it is coming to XBLA and PSN as well...

but no mention of it here..

Letros2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

PC only, it plays in a browser.

AllroundGamer2632d ago

in a browser? really? can you give me a link about this? that would be awesome.

Letros2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

here, it's the same makers as Heroes, so it should be very similar to that system.

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The story is too old to be commented.