FIFA franchise tops 100m sales

EA Sports has announced that the FIFA franchise has sold over 100 million units across its eighteen-year lifetime, becoming the "best-selling sports videogame franchise in the world".

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solideagle12666d ago

is guys y don't Sony first party develop sports games i mean they know there are soccer fans there are NBA fans etc etc? i mean Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft should know this?


alphakennybody2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

mlb the show is sony exclusive. and probably the most underrated franchise in sony's library. The last one MLB the show 10 Is by far miles ahead of its competition its a technical masterpiece especially the graphics.

Trizard2666d ago

thats what happens when you make a new game every single year (that only improves on the previous, nothing all that new) and all the sports people have to own it. EVERY YEAR FOR 18 YEARS!!!

SpitFireAce852666d ago

that what the cod franchise is doing one new
call of duty every year and it sells way more
then FIFA to the same people..

boredknight2666d ago

So what if we want it each year? Why not? Wouldn't you do the same if you were Kottick?

2666d ago
ELite_Ghost2666d ago

haha damn, uefa, euro games count also I suppose?

boredknight2666d ago

COD franchise will soon beat it!