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Opinion: Despite Flaws, Kinect May Be Just The Thing For Microsoft

Two months ago, when Sony’s PlayStation Move hit shelves, I wondered whether Sony had lost its mind. The device, I mentioned, wasn’t intuitive and had some alarming aesthetic issues – a combination that could hurt its chances with the mainstream audience.

Now Kinect has arrived – and while it has just as many problems as Move, it seems poised to thoroughly trounce its competitor this holiday season. (Kinect, Playstation Move, PS3, Xbox 360)

big_silky  +   1796d ago
i honestly couldn't care less about it before but i find myself kinda wanting one.
8-bit  +   1796d ago
I accidentally agreed with you so ignore one of those. I couldn't care less about it the entire time. Don't care now, I am interested in seeing it flop
rdgneoz3  +   1796d ago
Seeing all the casual games and on-rails games makes me not care about it at all.
Moonboots  +   1796d ago
Yet here you are commenting about it AGAIN.

Reminds me of the little kid in class who pulls the hair of the girl he pretends to hate but secretly has a crush on..

aaaaahh look at you.. I can see you slipping a valentine into Kinects inbox.. :)
SeNiLe911  +   1795d ago
Kinect is far from flopping so you might as well give it up, you're wasting your time!!

You should be playing games more than commenting in articles you care so little for. All you're doing when you comment is giving the N4G heat meter that much more heat for Kinect.

Maybe I should be thanking you. LOL
gigaware  +   1795d ago
F*** what you hear or what you thought about it before trying it. Buy it and you will be impressed. At times I ponder about the controller when switching back and forth with pressing buttons and using natural control.
n4gno  +   1795d ago
" I wondered whether Sony had lost its mind. The device, I mentioned, wasn’t intuitive and had some alarming aesthetic issues – a combination that could hurt its chances with the mainstream audience."

only dumb fanboyz can read the article after this.....just opinion from casual non-gamer : how can you talk about "intuitive" (?? it's intuitive, like eye toy, or wii) and ignore the most important : accuracy, 3D tracking, core games, etc, it's pathetic.
Ethereal  +   1795d ago
SeNiLe911 took the words out of my mouth. What is this website...it wont be getting my hit.
Bell Boy   1796d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1796d ago
Complain all you kids want. The thing works perfect and it is fun.
Bell Boy  +   1796d ago
glad you like it...I doubt you will be playing many games that your id tag seems to indicate you like
Sarcasm  +   1796d ago
Let's see your videos of you playing Kinectimals. We all need a laugh
PeeWizzle  +   1796d ago
Sarcasm. Deviant.
xyxzor  +   1796d ago
It does not work perfect.
Moonboots  +   1796d ago
Awesome to hear! I've got a couple people at my office who picked it up and they had mostly great things to say as well.

Looking like I will be picking one up real soon.

I can see by your disagrees it just burns people that the thing works and folks are enjoying it.

EDIT: haha disagrees for me too?? Show me your raaaagge cowards who can't reply.

PS: The thing isn't perfect and does have some flaws so don't think I'm shilling for Kinect here. Just giving it a chance.
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feelintheflow  +   1795d ago
My friends that have it love it...
I enjoy it as well, I am very sore though. 6 hours the first day 4 hours the second. My wifes aunt and uncle are in town right now and they are going to get one when they get home. I told them just get the 4gb package cuz they are only getting it for Kinect. This reminds me of all the craziness around the wii. Maybe it will die out like the wii as well, or just collect dust like my wii does unless a mario game comes out. So far so good. Is it perfect? NO, does it have problems? yep, but I am enjoying it alot.
Shazz   1796d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
FLOWCity  +   1796d ago
I've been using it for the past day and it's a lot of fun..But I hurt my freakin knee!..Time to sue Microsoft for a robotic leg.
VenomProject  +   1796d ago
If these "small flaws" were present in the Move, Sony would've received SOOO much backlash.
Weaksauce1138  +   1796d ago
To think Move is flawless is ignorance defined
VenomProject  +   1796d ago
Who the crap said it was flawless? I'm talking if the Move had mirror identical issues.
Bigpappy  +   1795d ago
I tried the the Move
I am waaay more impressed with Kinect. Kinect just lets you get deeper into the experiences.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1795d ago
Besides of fan troll, a liar.
Makidian  +   1795d ago
No you didn't and no it doesn't. Seriously, there's no way anyone will believe a statement like that when there are currently only about three genre types that can be played with it and even those are limited in their scope. With the exception of Dance Central there isn't one game that moves a genre forward because of Kinect.

Also, are you going to be singing the same tune when you have you have to buy a controller to play games that have actual depth to them!? At that point Kinect and Move will literally be the same thing, with the only difference being that Kinect is a slightly better camera than the Eye.
Rhythmattic  +   1796d ago

"The device, I mentioned, wasn’t intuitive and had some alarming aesthetic issues – a combination that could hurt its chances with the mainstream audience. "

Followed up by this

"Now Kinect has arrived – and while it has just as many problems as Move, it seems poised to thoroughly trounce its competitor this holiday season. "

just as many problems as Move ???? So it isnt intuitive and looks like a sex toy ?

Wow, just wow...
Bigpappy  +   1795d ago
He realized that he was wrong
If most of the "Hardcore" press stop analysing Kinect and start using it, they will come to a similar conclusion (It works and is alot of fun).
blackburn5  +   1796d ago
Wow that is such a surprise, everyone ignoring the flaws in a device that Microsoft made. Have we gone back in time or something? I could have sworn we had these same conversations before with the PS3 and 360 at launch. Something about Sony being doomed and 360 being superior and if Sony crazy.The same conversation we had with Bluray and the same conversations we are having with 3d.Sony has finally proven that the PS3 is worth it, we are back to the same old story again.Not quite sure why Sony always has to bend over backwards to prove itself, while people just believe everything Microsoft tells them.@ Weaksauce1138. no one ever said Move was flawless. It has pros and cons too. But people choose it ignore Kinect's flaws.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   1795d ago
"why Sony always has to bend over"

Sony will bend over only to receive rusty trombone from haters again.
testerg35  +   1795d ago
Weird... I thought there were several avg to below avg scores for kinect. But of course to you no one should enjoy an MS product. Did u ever get Move yet?
giovonni  +   1796d ago
I actually have a kinect
and it's a good joint. I've been playing it all day with my girl, and it's better then I expected it to be
_DragonSlayer_  +   1795d ago
Don't try to smoke it dude, it bad for your health....
_DragonSlayer_  +   1796d ago
Sex Toy?
Are we still comparing Move to some sex toy...Dude, Don't go down the produce aisle, there's bananas, cucumbers, squash and "other" sex toy shapes. Wouldn't want you to have you mind run a muck....

PS Dude, What do you think about when you eat a banana.........
Trunkz Jr  +   1795d ago
Kinect has naughty thoughts while your sleeping - turn it off when your done.
wenaldy  +   1795d ago
Free pass for 360... In other news, the sky is blue...
Bell Boy  +   1795d ago
agreed if the roles were reversed and MS had come out with Move and Sony went and then released Kinect the press would crucify them...it would be The Power of Green's wet dream
10thnightvolley  +   1795d ago
kinect would probably get away with abit of flaw which is generally for its space requirement and its tiny lag on some titles only coz it takes alot of steps forward to acutually change game play... which is factually gives you more immersion than shaking sticks or glow balls. just saying... and so does the move it has its flaws it can be accurate in reading your shiny ball of sexual capabilities but the need to calibrate each and every game.. that is annoying.

and as for kinect every one seems to be enjoying it.. for far so rather than ppl pray for it to fail which is sad.. go play move.. with move sport or what ever moving move u can move along and move away for trolling.
#13 (Edited 1795d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
blackburn5  +   1795d ago
First of all that is not even slightly funny. Second of all I don't see why Kinect should get special treatment. It has flaws and limits. That is the bottom line.Don't see what it being 'different' has to do with it. I don't see games that are 'different' get special treatment or get away with anything. People kick them to the curb without even blinking an eye. From the start Sony's Move has been kicked around despite the claims that it is accurate and that it got high scores. I am not praying for Kinect to fail but I wish people would stop pretending that Move doesn't have potential too. We have seen what it can do with tech demos and all Kinect has proven that it works fine as long as you stick to dance games and mini games and anything outside that genre falls flat on it's face.You call me ignorant because i won't give your device a chance but you refuse to give mine the benefit of the doubt.Typical.
Makidian  +   1795d ago
Not only is everything you just said trolling the Move but it's immature and speaks to your ignorance of both the Move and sex toys in general. I thought the ball at the end of the Move wand was a bit ridiculous myself but it, for whatever reason, adds a very nice aesthetic to the thing. I also love how people like you act so elitist about not having to hold anything in your hand when you may have to rapidy move your arm in any direction because regardless of whether or not you are holding anything the action being performed is the same.

People bring up the calibration thing like it's a huge deal to point the wand at the screen once and click a button, wow that takes so much time it will ruin my experience playing a game. But it's so much worse than having to say Xbox everytime you want to navigate a menu with Kinect and then wait for it to perform the action whether by voice or using you hand, yeah that's so much better, so much better that I bet you won't be using it that much at all. Pointing wand at point on screen takes less than 2 seconds and game starts, menu navigation is a breeze in all the games as well. It's a damn shame that games on Kinect don't have the same menu navigating standard, or generally work how they are supposed to and scoring lower because of it.

You can talk as much game as you want and throw the word sexual around as often as possible but it isn't going to change the fact the Move is more accurate than Kinect. It also isn't going to change the fact that in order to play core games wih Kinect features you will have to use a controller/camera combo that's....just like the Move. Wow, you win, Sony and Nintendo should just pack it in now.
clintos59  +   1795d ago
You obviously never tried move because table tennis for sports champions is as real as it gets for a ping pong game. I bet table tennis on the wii feels more real then kinect, u ask why? Because u need a paddle to play table tennis not your palm. And for them to say kinect has just as many flaws as move just shows how much bullcrap credibility they have because the move works unlike kinect it has its flaws. Thats why at gamescon the ps move won best hardware. Ill take that credibility over any bribed reviews anyday.
Moonboots  +   1795d ago
Move is great! Anyone that has tried it walks away saying "great accuracy, fun and a ton of potential." Haters and fanboys have an axe to grind no matter what, it's all about getting attention. If someone is excited for Kinect it is not a knock on Move.

Nintendo started a motion control fad and now Sony and MS have picked up the ball and ran with it. Hopefully we see holodecks in our lifetime! Maybe the PS14?
tiamat5  +   1795d ago
I have no problem with that. I know that for a fact. I don't attack Kinect unless it is compared to the Move in a negative way. I don't get why people can't say Move is great or Kinect is great without referring to or trying to bring them down.I have no problem with you people having fun with Kinect but don't knock my way of fun in the same breath.
Makidian  +   1795d ago
Another Gamasutra article that starts off talking about the Move and proceeds to rub off the Kinect, while pretending to chastise it. These guys really need to learn how to be more subtle and for a professional sales-type site, they should probably refrain from using the whole "Move looks like a sex toy" bit because it makes them sound like children as any adult would know that the Move would be a horrible sex toy.

Saying that the Move has flaws to justify Kinects flaws is flat out pathetic. The Move has flaws that are so inconsequential that they don't even matter. Whereas Kinect has flaws, or sometimes just the games, that the games can't even be played any other way than crappy. I wonder how these sites falling over themselves to praise Kinect, while sprinkling in some faults and thinking that it's better than Move because "You are the controller!" will feel when they have to start using a controller to play core games, and then use said support to play the games that don't control well with just your body!? Guess what guy and gals, that day will make Kinect the Move, more expensive than Move, and Move will have been out a year longer with more core support than Kinect can shake a stick at as well as casual all in a setup that can work under any conditions and room size.

What will you guys do then!?
maniac76  +   1795d ago
its great cause parents will see that you have to actually get up and move,with americans being so fat this is a way to get there kids up and moving lol maybe burn a few calories,but will be put back on come dinner time haha
Bell Boy  +   1795d ago
Until they go head 1st through Daddy's beloved HDTV...or by jumping up and down in front of it the tv falls over

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