Opinion: Despite Flaws, Kinect May Be Just The Thing For Microsoft

Two months ago, when Sony’s PlayStation Move hit shelves, I wondered whether Sony had lost its mind. The device, I mentioned, wasn’t intuitive and had some alarming aesthetic issues – a combination that could hurt its chances with the mainstream audience.

Now Kinect has arrived – and while it has just as many problems as Move, it seems poised to thoroughly trounce its competitor this holiday season.

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big_silky2573d ago

i honestly couldn't care less about it before but i find myself kinda wanting one.

8-bit2572d ago

I accidentally agreed with you so ignore one of those. I couldn't care less about it the entire time. Don't care now, I am interested in seeing it flop

rdgneoz32572d ago

Seeing all the casual games and on-rails games makes me not care about it at all.

Moonboots2572d ago

Yet here you are commenting about it AGAIN.

Reminds me of the little kid in class who pulls the hair of the girl he pretends to hate but secretly has a crush on..

aaaaahh look at you.. I can see you slipping a valentine into Kinects inbox.. :)

SeNiLe9112572d ago

Kinect is far from flopping so you might as well give it up, you're wasting your time!!

You should be playing games more than commenting in articles you care so little for. All you're doing when you comment is giving the N4G heat meter that much more heat for Kinect.

Maybe I should be thanking you. LOL

gigaware2572d ago

F*** what you hear or what you thought about it before trying it. Buy it and you will be impressed. At times I ponder about the controller when switching back and forth with pressing buttons and using natural control.

n4gno2571d ago

" I wondered whether Sony had lost its mind. The device, I mentioned, wasn’t intuitive and had some alarming aesthetic issues – a combination that could hurt its chances with the mainstream audience."

only dumb fanboyz can read the article after this.....just opinion from casual non-gamer : how can you talk about "intuitive" (?? it's intuitive, like eye toy, or wii) and ignore the most important : accuracy, 3D tracking, core games, etc, it's pathetic.

Ethereal2571d ago

SeNiLe911 took the words out of my mouth. What is this wont be getting my hit.

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Bell Boy2572d ago ShowReplies(1)
ASSASSYN 36o2572d ago

Complain all you kids want. The thing works perfect and it is fun.

Bell Boy2572d ago

glad you like it...I doubt you will be playing many games that your id tag seems to indicate you like

Sarcasm2572d ago

Let's see your videos of you playing Kinectimals. We all need a laugh

xyxzor2572d ago

It does not work perfect.

Moonboots2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Awesome to hear! I've got a couple people at my office who picked it up and they had mostly great things to say as well.

Looking like I will be picking one up real soon.

I can see by your disagrees it just burns people that the thing works and folks are enjoying it.

EDIT: haha disagrees for me too?? Show me your raaaagge cowards who can't reply.

PS: The thing isn't perfect and does have some flaws so don't think I'm shilling for Kinect here. Just giving it a chance.

feelintheflow2572d ago

I enjoy it as well, I am very sore though. 6 hours the first day 4 hours the second. My wifes aunt and uncle are in town right now and they are going to get one when they get home. I told them just get the 4gb package cuz they are only getting it for Kinect. This reminds me of all the craziness around the wii. Maybe it will die out like the wii as well, or just collect dust like my wii does unless a mario game comes out. So far so good. Is it perfect? NO, does it have problems? yep, but I am enjoying it alot.

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Shazz2572d ago ShowReplies(2)
FLOWCity2572d ago

I've been using it for the past day and it's a lot of fun..But I hurt my freakin knee!..Time to sue Microsoft for a robotic leg.

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