Why “this” can sell more than Micrsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move

GB: "Kinect and Move are undoubtedly the biggest talk of the town since their releases. Those two peripherals should be exciting and entertaining as developers get more acquainted with the hardware. But I think a certain peripheral can be more innovative and plus be attractive to the end consumer."

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morganfell2760d ago

"Why “this” can sell more than Micrsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move."

And why people will quit using it after 15 minutes. Seriously, did gamingbolt get a toy gun, weight it down and see how long they enjoyed holding it up? The one in the video is even worse since it has no stock. Even with a stock the view won't be center screen.

I can see some fat kid right now. "Ow my neck hurts! I had to crane it to the side for 5 hours of Halo!"

NamelessTed2758d ago

We all saw these videos a year ago and it was interesting. But 5 seconds of actual thought will allow you to come to the realization that this product has no mass market appeal whatsoever. And even the people to whom it does appeal, the game gun will get annoying to use withing a day, if not sooner.

I really wish people thought for 2 seconds before they made wild statements like "this will sell more than Kinect or Move". Seriously, that is just a stupid statement.

slayereddy2760d ago

This is awesome! but I think it will be difficult to pick out little campers with snipers on that tiny little screen.

hiredhelp2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

if this was wireless blutooth perhaps this actually has huge potential.

(UPDATE) Goshdarnit! Something has gone wrong with our servers.The GameGun is now on preorder only expect delivery in the fist
quarter. The best price I can offer right now (preorder only) is $249.98 !!!


Parapraxis2759d ago

Why “this” can sell for more than Micrsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move


LolololRumz2759d ago

"This is a wireless controller, here is a wire to the batteries"

Instaa Fail

But tbf it doesn't look too bad

SSKILLZ2759d ago

Game consoles where created to be played siting down , to be a relaxing Hobby!!!! not to stand up and burn your self out !!!, if you want to play standing go play some Paint ball, that's some crazy adrenalin shit right there or do a extreme sport.

geth1gh2758d ago

well good thing its not for game consoles lol

pc only

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The story is too old to be commented.