Bit-Tech: Killzone 3 Preview

Bit-Tech: "Now about those visuals… Killzone 3 ups the ante in nearly every way over the competition and only the likes of Sony's God of War III and Naughty Dog's epic Uncharted 2 come close to delivering such amazing graphics. The attention to detail throughout the game's ripped-down war torn multiplayer maps is superb, and is only further enhanced by subtle effects such as biting, swirling blizzards or rolling, crashing stormy waters. There's so much to take in and appreciate that you'll probably end up getting shot in the face once or twice while simply admiring the game's look and feel.

The aural experience ain’t too shabby either, and thanks to some bombastic low and high range spot effects and weapon sounds, cranking up the volume will have your neighbours ducking for cover while calling the authorities."

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