OXCGN’s Space Invaders: Infinity Gene XBLA Review


"I must start this review by saying how hard it is to actually review this game.

There is no plot to speak of, the graphics look like they are from the 80s and the music is awful. That being said, it was still fun to play which is why it is difficult to review. I am torn between rating the tangible elements of the game and the overall experience."

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gaminoz2811d ago

Man that's a blast from the past...that doesn't seem to have changed much from the description. I wish XBLA wasn't always used just to resurrect old titles and add a few things.

Belgavion2811d ago

I'm going to respectfully disagree with this one. I thought it was a wonderfully experimental, synapse-searing experience. 9/10

XboxOZ3602811d ago

Sometimes, some games should be just left alone, they were/are perfect as they were, so why go and spoil them . . .looks way too complicated for me.

BadCircuit2811d ago

I never really played the original space invaders. Looking at this one I think it could belong back then.

Neckbear2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

It's like the author didn't got the game at all.

Hey, bro. IT'S 'SPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT. The graphics ARE ACTUALLY GREAT, sure, not technically, but my god, you're like IGN on their Megaman 9 review. "No Anti-Aliasing, no 1080p, mainly 2.5D spritework with bland enviorments. Hurr durr 4/10"

The music is supposed to be like that, too.


What did you expect? Orchestra music? A plot that revolves about our spaceship against many hardships, filled with drama and a plot twist that involves the Aliens heing the "good guys" and gray morality?

C'mon. This must be a joke. I can't believe people are so stupid these days.

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