GM+ | Kinect is Ferociously Entertaining, Time Consuming, Tiring, and Innovative!

"The Kinect is ferociously fun, exciting, loud, and hysterical. This toy is surely a revolutionary item that will spice up any gamers den, or living room with the introduction of new gameplay mechanics that push the envelope of gameplay."

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DigitalRaptor2787d ago

Only the ignorant would call Kinect innovative.

And revolutionary? oh boy who is this journalist?

darkcharizard2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Kinect IS innovative. Can you name anything like it before?



Stop googling now. Just because it has bad games, doesn't mean you bash it in every other area, you sadistic fanboy.

ConanOBrien2787d ago

so much cries and moans

Suffer from jealousy disorder

mrv3212787d ago

Name me a device that didn't require a controller.

Well the sega activator for ONE
The Eyetoy for second

Watch the sega activator videos... they sound like the Kinect adverts.

FordGTGuy2787d ago

For the millionth time the Eyetoy can not do what Kinect can, at all.

Game-ur2787d ago

You serious?

Kinect is a more accurate EyeToy, like the Move is a more accurate Wiimote.

Raoh2786d ago

that is pretty much my stance as well.. i'm not sure why fanboys are fighting it..

move is a better wii

kinect is a better eyetoy...

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MasterOfThe12Blades2787d ago

Matthew Stenquist
"Hey there! I attend L.A Film for Video Game Production & Programming, Gnonomon Online for Animation, and I'm Seventeen. Please don't call me a journalist , I'm a blogger, not a video game journalist because I do not encompass the arrogance in my personality to stoop to the level of a grammar nit-picking nazi, cheeto stained fiend. "This is my hobby, I write, and enjoy it."

120FPS2787d ago

What so because you dont agree with the reviewers comments, you are right and he is wrong - That my friend is just a form of fundamentalism

Nob head

DigitalRaptor2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Perhaps I should've just written: "The author can't have heard of the EyeToy/PS Eye then if his statements hold true."

That might've gone down better.

Just because Kinect is more advanced doesn't mean it's innovative or anything close to revolutionary.

@ darkcharizard
*sniggers* EyeToy?

I never doubted Kinect as a multimedia device, but as a gaming controller it's pretty redundant and backwards in its execution.

Microsoft should be concentrating on developing PC applications for Kinect rather than wasting it on crappy games with a flawed and limited control scheme.

EVILDEAD3602787d ago

Microsoft should be concentrating on developing PC applications for Kinect rather than wasting it on crappy games with a flawed and limited control scheme

Not even close..they hit it out of the ball park with Kiknect. Own it and it's perfect for consoles. YOU may not like the YOU don't have to buy it.

People like me had an absolute blast with it..iy may not be for everybody..but Halo Reach and Gears of War isn't for everybody either. Wasting the tech on PC applications wouldnt replace a mouse.

I owned a Eyetoy back in the day and this thing surpasses swatting bugs in every way. The masses will love ot in the real world..the haters will complain on the internet..

Win-Win for Micrsoft


Wh15ky2787d ago

"People like me had an absolute blast with it"


Novelty worn off already?

10thnightvolley2787d ago

that right there is what most pppl will say coz most ppl are not a tech savvy.. and to most house holds and kids kinect is all that and more. that just what is going to be said..

DigitalAnalog2787d ago

The Kinect rates an A+ for awesome development, innovative, and fun skills that push the envelope for game development, as well push the boundary of what motion games should be."

"Sure, the Kinect may be a vamped up version of Eye Toy that came out a few years ago, but this is a whole new console add-on that really tighten the loose nuts & bolts that the Eye Toy had. Sure, some would not call this innovation, but to those who aren't narrow-minded the Kinect foretells of a new era of gameplay that truly can show what the next level spectrum of game development is."

-End statement

n4gno2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

It's not "journalism", it's just another blog, like the one you could create to tell the world how bad is the new eyetoy (but ps3 fanboyz are not so desperated, or just not paid to do it :))

by the way, it's scary to see delusional fanboyz ignoring the fact that eye toy can do most of the thing kinect game do, and with move (the best tech ! the most accurate) it's far superior (and can play all kind of games, and the best ones ! not only casuals stuff)

Are they just brainwashed, or just dumb ? i don't know, but they are not informed gamers, for sure.

lowcarb2787d ago

If you think Eye toy or even MOve are even close to Kinect tech your in denial. I can assure you it makes both of those techs seem decades old.

DigitalRaptor2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

That's because Move has been in development since before 2000, no wonder it seems old.

The only reason Kinect seems much more modern than anything else is because it's the first time people have seen such as high-tech camera device in gaming since the EyeToy, which wasn't all that well marketed. But Move is still tighter and works better than Kinect. Kinect's lack of solid inputs is its own worst enemy!

It might be technically more advanced than the Move in terms of hardware, but it's comparing apples to oranges. And the Move actually has more options than Kinect ever could!

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gigaware2787d ago

Yes I agree. Have not felt this way about gaming since NES.

KiRBY30002787d ago

omg kinect statements are getting worse everyday...

Neko_Mega2787d ago

I like the part that says "new gameplay mechanics".

Guessing someone didn't hear of the EyeToy or Playstation Eye? Both have games that work the same way Kinect games do and theirs a game coming out for the PS3 called Kung Fu Live (Whichs looks cool but isn't on my buy day one list).

FordGTGuy2787d ago

Can not do the same things as Kinect, get a clue.

Wh15ky2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Yet most of the games seem to play the same.

strickers2787d ago

Have you played Eyetoy?It plays very similar even if tech is superior

Neko_Mega2786d ago

I was saying they both work in the same way, you put your hand over the icon to choose it.

Seem thing, plus both pick up your movement, the only thing that really isn't the same is the specs of Kinect Vs EyeToy and some of the software is better.

I mean EyeToy needed very good light to even work, Kinect seems it needs ok light.

arragion2787d ago

So is ps2 eye-toy,..

150usd ? gimme a break,..

Belasco2787d ago

Funny, I own a Ps3 and have probably used mine more than you, judging from your CONSTANT posting on N4g. Do you even own a console?

Weaksauce11382787d ago

I know and every 2011 car getting ready to roll off the factory plants are just Ford Model Ts.

Wheres teh innovation?

wenaldy2787d ago

Yea, the author seems misinformed...

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