Kinect Xbox 360: Poor Reviews – Will you still buy?

If you have spent a few hours checking out the vast collection of reviews for Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360, you’ll know that a fair number of reviews from the media didn’t exactly give Kinect a glowing report.

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BulletProofVess2817d ago

that many sites have decided to not give a score

yet ive decided not to get it

after a demo at a local store i found it interesting
but not something i would use/interact with on a daily basis

Yi-Long2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

... and I'm still not interested in it!

It's just not for me.

I'm much more excited about something small like Super Meat Boy or IloMilo, than I am about all this motion-control stuff.

Maybe late next year I'll consider it when there's a Dance Central/Kinect bundle for 50 bucks orso. My girlfriend would love that.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Double post

Armyntt2816d ago

Darkcharizard, really? a blog? lol You cant get your point acorss and think a blog is a legit source for ANYTHING!

Perjoss2816d ago

I will still get it eventually, just waiting for the right kinds of games. You know, the kind that lets me use all 3 inputs... 1. I can still use the controller as normal, 2. I can use my head or elbows as additional inputs while using Kinect + my controller, 3. I can also use the cool voice regocnition.

4Sh0w2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I dont care what reviews say, you just got to try kinect foy yourself, having played both wii and move a fair amount kinect is alot more fun imo, yesterday spent 5hrs playing kinect adventures, kinect sports, and dance central with my wife and kids and it was the most fun we ever had gaming together.

Its not just for kids, my neighbor dropped by and we both had a great time trying to beat each other. Kinect is alot more accurate than it gets credit for, lag wasn't a problem at all, my house is just a bit bigger than an avg size apartment I had plenty of space, kinect tells you when you're too close or not far enough but 6ft really is not alot. I'm a black guy and I setup kinect ID for me and my whole family, it had no problem recognizing me, the dashboard stuff and voice recognition is amazing, kinect works and the games I have are alot better than what people say here on n4g. Seriously, core gamer or casual I don't know how you can actually come away from playing with kinect and not at least think you had fun with a great piece of tech.

Biggest2816d ago

Armyntt, what the hell are you talking about? In your haste to discount what darkcharizard had to say you mistook his link, that has the word bloggers in it, as an actual blog. That some Tea-Party worthy weirdness right there (He's a terrorist 'cause Hussein is his middle name). The link is a picture of a guy saying "NOOOOO", which is a longer answer than "No".

Armyntt2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

No i would not assume Hussein was a terrorist but i would assume hes middle-eastern or muslim. If you are goin to use a link to prove your point, one with the word blog in it just wont do. Blogs are not reputable sources or even good journalism. Anyone with a computer can be a blogger but few can be a journalist. Plus i wont even click on links with the word blog in it.

2816d ago
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chazjamie2817d ago

kinetic is sold out everywhere. it doesnt matter what we say.

only like 2 n4g members will buy it.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2817d ago

What Move game has a 85 metascore like Dance Central does? Heck even Kinectimals' 77 i a higher score than any Move game that motion wasn't tacked on via patch. Kinect sports has a 75. The rest of the litter are average. Only Fighters Uncaged is BAD...they should have kept that bad boy CAGED

Cyrax_872817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Dance Central and Kinectimals have like 10 reviews, Sports Champion has 60. If we were to tally a games score by the first 10 reviews, Uncharted 2 would be a 100 on meta. lol

lol @ disagree. fanboys...seriously

BryanBegins2817d ago

I went to Best buy this afternoon (not even in the morning) here in Vancouver and there were like 10 Kinects. Maybe it's sold out now, just saying...

Kurt Russell2816d ago

Uncharted 2 has nothing to do with anything... you fanboy tramp.

HolyOrangeCows2816d ago

"kinetic is sold out everywhere"

No it isn't. They didn't even sellout at their launch event.

krisprolls2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

No it's not sold out at all. They sold only a few copies until now.

It's clearly a flop in sales.

Mystogan2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

lol a ''flop in sales'',,gotta remember that one for when kinect reaches 5 million

''They sold only a few copies until now. ''

source please,,thats right you don't have one,,back to your cave troll

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FriedGoat2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

No, but maybe if they sort out the lag and accuracy and bring out a few games that aren't just for 10 year olds I might get it. - Its sold out due to lack of production most likely, If not its just MS BS.

shoddy2817d ago

so look like they sell well in the first month.

next month word of mouth saying "...I look silly waving air and it lag..." then the sell drop.
maybe bomb.

the soldier in the front line die first horrorably.

vhero2816d ago

But its sold out isnt it?? I mean were all those articles saying pre-orders were sold out lying? If they sold out then this article kinda pointless as the review can't affect your purchase if you CANT buy one..

morganfell2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Is it really sold out or not? Someone is lying.

Either it's sold out and everyone that is coming here saying their Walmart, Kmart, Gamestop, Bestbuy, Target, Coscos, etc has 10 or 12 is lying, or else Microsoft and it's marketing machine is lying. You decide.

Armyntt2816d ago

Target where i live in Ohio had one, and gamestop had one left so im leaning towards both being true. They are sold out in some places but might be plenty in others.

Biggest2816d ago

There are Kinect reps at Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy in the Riverside, CA area. Unfortunately for them there isn't enough room to make a Kinect "It'll work in this bubble" bubble. Lots of people are "trying" Kinect but it isn't working. Even more people aren't buying it. The glass cases are close to full in Wal-Mart/Target.

EVILDEAD3602816d ago

LOL @ some baby site pretrending thaty because one site gave Kinect a '6' (while giving Move a '7') that people arent going to buy Kinect.

What hilarious vis that he says he 'poured' through reviews..funny thing is he missed which gave it a B+/A+..

The proof that even this baby site has to reach ti hate is the only game mentioned is Sonic Riders. Show me ONE article that judged Move from 'Tokyo Riders' and as the reason why Move should be bought.

Kinect is the real deal. It works great. The issues they claim are laughable. Kinect can be adjusted to work very close to the TV or at it's most effective distance.

Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, and Motion Sports were a blast. IMO it's now the best motion control experience thus far. You actually earn everything that happens in the games. You definately get tired when you compete against each other in games like the the track competion.

The bowling rivaled and in my opinion tops Wii Sports bowling because you feel like you earn the pins with your throws as opposed to tricking the accelerometors by flicking your wrist from your seat and earning a strike..

This thing is going to have long legs beyond the yup there will be people that hate on it..but that goes for everything


The Wood2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Have you played sports champion......just asking Because it's far more accurate than any motion control game out there thus far

8-bit2816d ago

He hasn't played Sports Champions, you can tell by the way he is talking up kinect sports. It's true the wii allows you to flick your wrist and the action on screen preforms regard less, but not Move. Move is 1:1 in Sports Champions, if I flick my wrist my avatar does, if I want to slash with my sword i have to make the entire motion.

I read that kinect bowling won't let you put a spin on the ball with your wrist.. You have to swing your arm across your chest to apply a spin.

Bigpappy2816d ago

I don't know which is more accurate, I don't even know how to test that. What I can tell you is the Kinect games are far more emersive. It mabe because your entire body is involved in the games and there is no lag. Just the demo of your shape fitness is compelling. There are some games in adventure I thought would suck. But then I play them and enjoy them completely. Kinect is just a completely different experience to Move or Wii. Comparing them would just be trying to win a fanboy fight.

krisprolls2816d ago

Move >>> Kinect or Wii in every way.

It's 1:1 and a lot more precise than both Kinect and Wii.

The real thing is PS Move, not this Eyetoy 2.0.

Biggest2816d ago

If a review said "It's broken half of the time. It's plain boring the other half. I give it 10/10!" would you be happy with the review, EVILDEAD360?

Bigpappy, I won't question your fitness level or understanding of the human body. What I question is your stance in the world of gaming. Why would a fitness game compel you? I know that you won't admit any failing of Kinect. Your comments over the last year or so made that clear. But you're embracing things that aren't even game related in an attempt to justify a gaming peripheral. Actually, nevermind. Your mind has been made up since you fell in love with the 360. Why would you leave an abusive relationship after all this time?

EVILDEAD3602816d ago

'Have you played sports champion......just asking Because it's far more accurate than any motion control game out there thus far'

I own it..just like I've owned Move for weeks. Champion is the best game for Move. Frisbee Golf is a blast and Gladiators is stand-out much so I'm probably going to end up buying that cheesy sword and shield add-on..

Either way..does not have a thingf to do with Kinect. If it sucked I would say it sucked. Just like with Move I spent a whole lot of money buying all of the best games for it. In fac, after target's buy 2 get one free I own the other two that I wanted and got Tiger Woods 11 for the PS3 to play it with Move.

The lag stuff is straight internet ducktales. Kinect can be adjusted to work with whatever distance you are going to play at.

Kinect Adventures was suprisingly good..Motion Sports was fun for what we played of actually has a ridiiculous amount of mini-games to unlock for each sport.

Those three games had me feeling like I did with Wii when it first came out..the REAL word of mouth is going to push this thing into massive success..

I officially say Microsoft pulled it off..

People whining about what Move and the Wii can do vs Kinect might as well give it up..they are completely different experiences.

Move can achieve a level of control the Wii can't but at the end of the day will be used for the same types of games that the Wii mote has..but we get to finally get amazing graphics like the upcoming Killzone 3. But, the question is will we want to put down the controller when playing shooters..I like what K3 may do with Move only servers..but will the other titles do the same

Kinect immerses you into games more than I realized it would do. You also get so into the games that you don't realize how active you are. Certain experiences are made for Kinect. For example..I've played track and field games since the arcade days and you always have to push a button a million times a minute to run faster..

Kinect immerses you because you actually do the running (in place) it evens the playing field when adults play kids..I got long jump and javelin were 100 times more immersive that what Wii is capable of..

I say it again..Wii Bowling still was a better experience that the two offering from Move (I wish the developer of Champions had actually made one)..Kinect Sports bowling actually topped em all..although 100 pin Wii Resort bowling is still one of my faves right now.

A bunch of us will play tonight..I picked up Dance Central to see if it lives up to the hype..

Either way..Kinect is a win for 360 owners who want to play with family members or signigficant others who dont like gaming..

For everyone else..Black Ops is only a few days away


morganfell2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Laughable to hear anyone say "For every one else Black Ops is a few days away."

That's why it's great having a PS3. I don't have to rely on multiplatform titles for bragging rights.

EVILDEAD3602815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

'Laughable to hear anyone say "For every one else Black Ops is a few days away."

That's why it's great having a PS3. I don't have to rely on multiplatform titles for bragging rights.'

LOL @ bragging that what you have to do to justify your gaming system?

What's really laughable is fan kids pretending that multiplatform titles aren't games too..but when they log off they will find out that Call of Duty is the biggest selling title on the PS3

My original point stands..people who want Kinect will buy it and the rest who scream 'hardcore' all day have the biggest hardcore title coming in a few days..

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tinybigman2816d ago

nope not even worth wasting money on it.

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SkyCrawler2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Maybe when it proves itself interesting enough for me to pick it up then I may consider, as of now Kinect is doing very poorly on that labyrinthical device called my BS meter. With that said, I don't hate Kinect, just a bit disappointed.

YOUR-MUM2817d ago

Poor reviews. Really the gaming world has gone mad. It averages 3.75 out of 5 and 8 out of 10. I have move which I love but would have to say the games so far are not of the grade quality as kinects. Just cannot believe that a review averages of 80% makes it bad.

mrv3212817d ago

M.A.G, Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5: GE not up to the standard of games like Kinect Joyride.

MRV321 explodes with laughter, there's no 100 miles radius crater and the continent must be evacuated.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2817d ago

Those are Move-patched games. Motion tacked on. Can be played better with a joypad

mrv3212816d ago

So despite the fact they can be played using only MOVE without the need for a dualshock 3 doesn't make them Move games.

So then L4D2 isn't a 360 since the controller was 'patched' in alpha right? I mean surely then all PC games ported to the 360 aren't 360 games. Also they can be played better with a Mouse and Keyboard right?

They play a lot better than Sonic, most Kinect games... so I don't get the argument.

If you cna play it using move it typical means it's a move game or have I missed something?

Wh15ky2816d ago

RE5 plays far far better with the Move than it does with the DS3.
After spending a couple of days with Move on MAG, I found that the advantages it offers over the DS3 (quicker turning and aiming) outweighed the disadvantages (knifing and sniping).
I bought a Move at launch and I have been using it for over 90% of my PS3 gaming since then. I'm mainly playing RE5, MAG and Sports Champions.
I wonder what the gamers that have bought Kinect will be using it for 5-6 weeks from now?

The Wood2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I wonder if these guys would downplay gears, halo or the other exclusive if it had kinect support. Sony isn't selling us controller less gaming just an alternate method of controlling some games in addition to motion only games. Kinect can only do kinect because it can't be patched onto proper games and don't tell me forza...what a mess....smh.

Biggest2816d ago

I love how the scores matter more than the review. The majority of the reviews say it isn't responsive to voice or motion quite often. If it were a game that was slightly inferior to another it would be scored as such. Yet the scores for Kinect, which is largely inferior to other motion controllers, don't match the reviews. Should one be happy with a broken toy because it has a larger number with no justification stamped on it?

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JackBNimble2817d ago

I also find it odd that kinect get's scores around 70% or 80% and people think these are bad.

As far as reviews go I have read multiple reviews that state kinect doesn't function properly all the time. So if that's true shouldn't the scores be much lower?....I mean the scores don't seem to match the review from what I've read in my opinion.

Sheikh Yerbouti2816d ago

I've found very few actual scores for Kinect. I think it is doing well, but probably not as well as Microsoft expects as far as reviews and sales.

Despite objections from these reviews, it appears to function well enough for folks to really enjoy.

Wh15ky2816d ago

Forget about the scores for a minute and read the contents of the reviews coming from gaming and tech sites, also consider the fact that alot of them never gave a score.
There are alot of the same negatives that they are all picking up on - All the games play the same (or not at all, in some cases), alot of free space is required for even one person to play, lag is an issue, calibrating is a pain, lighting conditions matter and so does the clothes your wearing, the menus take double the time to navigate compared to using a controller and only a small amount of the menus are usable with kinect.
You can boast about the 9s and 10s being dished out by mainstream newspapers all you want but when it comes to the real reviews it's not looking good.

BabyTownFrolics2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

i wont argue about the limited variety of games at launch but....

i live in a tiny one bedroom apt and by moving the coffee table I have the 8ft needed for 2 players.

I have not noticed one instance of game breaking lag, and I would say that 90% time it seems 1:1 even if that is just an illusion.

calibrating is not a pain, to use kinect id (linking your account with kinect) takes a couple of minutes, once your done you can just turn on the xbox and wave at it and it logs you in. Also if you dont have an account on that xbox you can just walk into view and stand in the same spot for like 5 seconds during a game and if it allows 2 players it will just plop you in. easy.

the kinect hub is limited, but it does not take double the time to navigate.

while kinect may not be for everyone, it is no where near as shitty as your making it out to be.

k-Lan2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )


Stop drinking dude. You're not doing yourself any favors. You have obviously not spent time with Kinect so please stfu. Watching youtube videos doesn't make you a pro. The free space arguement is bs. 6 feet is a lot of space? How big is your room? 4 x 4 like my closet? I honestly don't know anybody that doesn't have the space available in their home or apartment for Kinect. Slide the coffee table out of the way and you're good to go. Kinda like what everybody's used to doing with the Wii.

Wh15ky2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I've never claimed to have used it, my comment was aimed at YOUR-MUM (not your mum, the guy that calls himself YOUR-MUM).
The comments were in regards to the reviews so far, which I have now read quite a few of and therefore feel qualified enough to discuss them. Neither of us were commenting on personal experience, just the reviews.

Mudkipz2817d ago

well, i got it, played around with it for about 30 minutes, and when i got done setting everything up with it i realised i wasted my money on a webcam, then i launched call of duty and sat down and never gave much thought about it... yeah doesnt appeal to fps fans