Huge Ninja Gaiden 3 updates from Famitsu!

"Paul Gale Network has the info straight from Famitsu with Team Ninja's head designer on the Ninja Gaiden 3 project, Yousuke Hayashi."

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WildArmed2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

one of my favorite action franchies!
Looking forward to this VERY much :D
We are in DIRE need of a good action game.. considering we lost a really good franchise to a shitty reboot ='(

Yi-Long2786d ago

...but I just hope Team Ninja isn't going to censor themselfs again like they did with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

rogimusprime2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

right. I liked sigma 2 and would regard it as the complete version if it wasn't for the purple mist maiming that was going on. I know the frame rate suffered big time on the 360 when a lot of body parts were on the ground (bought both versions the day they came out)

Hey Team Ninja: how about you build a respectable version on the PS3 for once from the ground up that doesn't come out years later? Develop simultaneously for once, so we don't NEED a sigma version!

Most of all, take your time to make a decent story line. QUIT THE CRUMMY VOICE ACTING and character names. ( VOLF, the wereWOLF???? really? that's the best you could come up with?)

Darrius Cole2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I hope they don't censor themselves like they did in Sigma 2 by adding (takes deep breath).....

New characters
New modes
New weapons
New difficulty
New costumes
New enemies
Online co-op


True 720p graphics across the entire game.

(breathing fast because from being out of breath)

When you consider that Sigma 1 had a new character and Sigma 2 had 3 new characters the Sigma versions seem to be pretty good to me. At this rate Sigma 3 will include Kasumi and Hayate.

poopface12785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

They should focus on making a great story for RYU, and not weigh it down with STUPID talking boobs. The only point ANY of the females from the NG games have had is to see boobs.

Im sick of it. I want more NG with only ryu, bad ass weapons and crazy monsters to slice up.

If they try to add some convoluted story it will fail. People complain when some games dont have the best story, but also complain when it has none. Certain games NEVER need a story of any kind for reviewers, but the NG series is always crapped on for weak story when it doesnt deserve the criticism. Look at DMC, Bayonetta, GOW, DI. Those games dont get criticized for having horrible or unoriginal stories yet NG does because the gamplay of NG SHITS on those games.

The story in most games sucks, so I hope reviewers dont hate on this game for having the same problems that are ignored for other games.

I have a feeling that the story of NG 3 might suck because they try too hard. I hope Im wring, but Id love a simple story like NG1 and great gameplay.

edit-- I love NG and Itagaki, SO I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME. mY BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THAT I BET IT WILL BE TOO EASY. Itagaki was the one who wanted to make the series soo hard. NG sigma was easy compared to NG 1, so I hope they at least make the harder modes as challenging as the previous NG games.

WiiRemotes22786d ago

Perhaps the site itself should have mentioned those games in the subject but according to the guidelines we're only supposed to put in the subject title what the site's subject title was so I didn't modify anything.

I guess then I should have added in the "quotation" section that the website has an update on:
Dead or Alive - Dimensions
As well as some insight into:
Dead or Alive Cronus
Project Progressive

Lots of action coming out of Team Ninja!

Jackojwang2785d ago

Cancelled games make me a sad panda.

n to the b2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I believe you can adjust an article's title where appropriate. check the submission guidelines.

EDIT: nevermind, the Tutorial section gives rules on posting news, "It is only ok to edit the title if the original title does not make sense when posted on another website." you'd have to interpret that pretty liberally to change the title in this instance.

n to the b2785d ago

you could clarify in your description paragraph though. again, from the Tutorial:


Write a short summary of the information at the source story. You can either quote a paragraph of the source text or write a short summary yourself."

gamingdroid2786d ago

I'm looking forward to anything Ninja Gaiden. My favorite game of all time is NG2! Took me forever to get the dreaded 1000/1000 achievement!

I will keep an open mind, but worried it is Hayashi taking over the series direction. He hasn't really done anything worth speaking about...

TRU3_GAM3R2786d ago

yep its my favourite hack and slash of all time.^^

Andreas-Sword2786d ago

I think "Ninja Gaiden 3" will be the best Ninja Gaiden ever!
And the best Ninja game ever!
bloody and brutal :D

WildArmed2786d ago

The best Ninja Gaiden is reserved for...
Ninja Gaiden Black !!
I'm just saying :)

KellyKellyWWE202785d ago

It might be. At least I hope you're right.

SaiyanFury2785d ago

I love the series, both the original and the Sigma versions. I got NG Sigma day one, NG2 on 360, and NG2 Sigma on day one. I hope it's at least on PS3 so I can benefit from the controller I find most comfortable (one man's opinion). I honestly hope it's on both platforms so everyone can enjoy it. And regarding this statement made by Hayashi-san: "He suggested that him and his team will pay respect to the previous entries, but really want any action fan to pick this title up and enjoy it for what it is."

PLEASE don't water the gameplay and combo system down. The challenge and forced combat styles are what make the games so damn much fun to play. Play the game as the game wants you to play it, or die. Repeatedly. When I first picked up Sigma 1, I slammed my fists in frustration so much my hands hurt for days. Then I made myself learn the combat system and it was much more rewarding. It's like Demon's Souls; don't make something easy to play, make it harder that forces the player to be a better gamer!

likedamaster2785d ago

So it's back to having blood? If so, I'm interested again. Maybe NG3 will help forget about that tripe aka NGS2 that released a while back.

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Fishy Fingers2786d ago

"They’re still waiting for the right time to announce what platfrom the game is being developed for."

Platform, singular? Not another timed job, if so, just make it multiplat from the get go.

va_bank2786d ago

Yeah, I was surprised by that. I thought it was going to be multi-plat.

allysaurus872786d ago

This game will be sooooo badass!

OldSchoolGamer32786d ago

CAN..NOT..WAIT! The part about Ryu's blood. Damn now I have to bust out the magnifying glass. LOL.

Anti-Fanboyer2786d ago

From all that blood showering in the last games. It had to happen sooner or later.

GoldPS32786d ago

I forgot about this game.

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