First Call of Duty Black Ops HACKS

Yes as you read, Hacks are already available for Call of Duty Black Ops, the glory of dedicated servers is returning for the bans and the kicks of course.

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Pandamobile2516d ago

That's definitely the 360 version. You can see the 360 dpad in the corner, and that isn't mouse movement.

Either way, the PC version will have a little feature called 'dedicated servers', which are self governed with 'admins', so they can use tools like 'kick', and 'ban'.

These sorts of features are useful for ridding your server of cheaters.

Fishy Fingers2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I like the summary...

"the glory of dedicated servers is returning"

Like dedicated servers are a downside.

toaster2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

People forget that dedicated servers have been a staple of PC FPS multiplayer, it was only MW2 that broke that trend. And MW2 being the big production it was, the industry treated it like it was a big deal when only it was one game. One very broken and depressing game.

Is Black Ops using PunkBuster or VAC?


Derp, it's not Steam only so it'll use PunkBuster. Shame.. VAC is so much better.

Deputydon2516d ago

Actually Black ops is a steam exclusive from what I've heard. I already know in multiple interviews they have said that they are dropping punkbuster and using VAC instead.

Just because you can buy a PC game in the store, doesn't mean it won't force you to download steam to play it.

toaster2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Ahh well that's news to me. Last I heard it was using PunkBuster. Server browsing through Steam is so much better.

I thought I saw it on D2D the other day, not sure why you would be able to get it from there and then have to install Steam.

Pandamobile2516d ago

COD:BO uses Steamworks.

D2D and Impulse and all the other major DD sites gave up trying to fight Steam by not selling games that required Steam, but I'm sure that didn't turn out too well for them.

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Gam3s4lif32516d ago

lol...shows tht CoD is still broken even after being fixed and it aint even released yet...

T9X692516d ago

Yes it's the 360 version, but you do realize this is being played on a JTAG which is why he's playing by himself. JTAG Xbox's can make any game do anything they want. Since the new dashboard has been released, which increases MS security, JTAGs will be banned before they even have a chance to start hosting lobbies like this in Black Ops. No game is unhackable, the popular games just get hit first because....well they're popular.

Ducky2516d ago

@toaster - BlackOps is using VAC (it requires steamworks)

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SixZeroFour2516d ago

wow...watching that was so annoying, he just kept bumping into things, and did you see the little grass texture from the top view at around 46 seconds, lol (i know that is how a lot of devs make grass, and leaves on trees in games, just seemed funny seeing it so obvious from that view)

Redjevel2516d ago

Thats only options that can be changed in server like gravity, speed and other stuff... Thats not hax :)

electricshadow2516d ago

I'm not one to defend CoD, I don't even like the CoD games anymore, but TONS of games have hacks in them. No doubt this article will be filled with comments like the one above or similar to "LOL Cod got hacked already lololol crap game". This won't be a problem on the PC version as already indicated above as well. Either way, I don't care as I'm not getting the game. Just don't know why people are making such a big deal about it.

EscoBlades2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Is that the beta though? Cos if the full game has been hacked already, then Treyballs failed harder!

The MP servers aren't even online yet....

Edit: Never mind...unlike the author of the article, i actually did some research. These hacks are offline (consoles), and not the retail version.

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