Lair Review: 6 out of 10

Even the gameplay has its moments, with you controlling the dragon with the motion sensitive SIXAXIS controller, tilting it left and right to steer, flicking it upwards to perform a quick turn and ramming enemies by jerking the controller in the desired direction. It takes a little while getting used to, as the impulse to maneuver with the left analog stick is hard to avoid, but everything works better than expected.

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MK_Red4128d ago

How can they be so harsh on this new IP while stupid, ugly looking and uninteresting Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games get 7s? Dynasty Warriors Empires on 60 got 7.4 while it was no different than PS2 Dynasty Warriors 2.
Lair is still a 9/10 for me and a must have.

PS360WII4128d ago

Well I have my pre-order all paid up so when it comes out I can just walk in and out without the need of a transaction.

Translation I usually am my own reviewer ^.- (useless post I know but I've been gone for awhile and I miss my n4g dose of goodness)

360RULEZ4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

why am i not surprised ?

Sony droids need to have a reality check and admit that LAIR SUCKS .. really, your reactions are very immature. matter of fact : this game is no 9/10 or AAA material. live with that.

Lair gets what it deserves, especially when every website on the friggin internet gives the game an average of 5-6 .. that means one thing : the game is garbage.

sony : next gen doesn't start until we say it does

HAHAHAAHHAHAAHA yeah right sony !

Look at your droids so desperate for a game that doesn't get a 4/10 reviews.

welcome to 4D graphics, sony droids .. hahahahah

Anal4128d ago

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Daver4128d ago

hmmm talking about immature thing.. you think you're better?? you are just an xbox fanboy who enjoys some reviews about a game... what kind of immaturity is this?

We will decide if this game deserve a 9/10 or a 6/10 when we will have played it..otherwise just shut up you cant even play it

Omg i dont believe im arguing with a kid... anyway

Might sounds like a fanboy but... Yes Next gen will start when Sony will so say... but i still dont care if Lair worth a 6 then fine ill say what i think about this game when ill have tried it.

borntodie0074128d ago

now i no y u have 2 bubbles left. nice keep it up man, talk more sh1t and we dont' have to see u again.

s8anicslayer4128d ago

what worries me is that psm mag gave lair a 5/10

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