Are Both Move And Kinect Stumbling Out Of The Gate?

PSX Extreme: "I don't necessarily mean in terms of sales; Sony has reported that they've shipped 1 million Move units in North America, and we've heard 1.5 million units have been sold in Europe. Plus, it seems pre-order sales for Kinect were high and in terms of technology and potential, both should - by all rights - have bright futures."

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gigaware2814d ago

When PS3 articles bag both preferred Sony products and hated Microsoft products in the same doomed boat it only means they have no faith in the Sony products performance.

big_silky2814d ago

well they've gotta paint both with the same brush otherwise certain fangirls would flip their wigs.

every ounce of derision those certain "fans" received over the past couple years is beyond deserved. i don't even find such monumental pr*cks on /b/.

Agent-862814d ago

I'm hoping that this motion controller fad doesn't infect my PC gaming.

seinfan2812d ago

I don't think it will, so you're lucky.

IrishYamato2813d ago

It's a little early to judge either Move or Kinect. They dont have real games yet.

gottan4g2812d ago

It will find its place with certain content, its the same with all strong genres: shooters, flight games on and on. There is a lot of talk about this lately - and I agree, not one device will work, or should work, for all the games.

blackburn52810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I believe Move games will improve. They need work but I believe that it has great potential to enhance gaming. I ignore all fanboys like our friends in the first two posts because everyone always puts down everything Sony does and they turn out to be wrong. No one would ever buy a PS3. Wrong. No one wants Bluray. Has almost taken over from DVD, beat HD DVD more space for HD games and PS3 games . Never catch up to the 360. Wrong. 3D is a gimmick. Big companies investing in 3D cinemas and 3D Bluray,Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft considering it. Move won't sell above 500k. Looks to be at least 3-4 million worldwide. There is no RROD. 40% fail rate to PS3's 11%. Games will never look better on PS3. UC2, GT5, KZ2,GOW3,HR,MGS4. Don't you haters ever get tired of being wrong? So I ignore your foolish unreliable predictions.