Violence in Perspective: Why the Supreme Court Should Play GoldenEye 007

BMC: When I turned 13, GoldenEye 007 was my life, and for good reason. That 1997 Rare release went on to captivate a generation of gamers, set the standard for console first-person shooters, and directly inspire the FPS outbreak of the 2000s. Ah, those were the days: inviting friends over for deathmatches, playing the Golden Gun multiplayer mode for hours, and unlo

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Hell-Helghast2665d ago

Goldeneye > cod you nailed it good thing i never sold my 64 and my original copy of goldeneye i still play it when my nephews come over.

N4g_null2665d ago

Nothing beats putting proxy mine on the wall and flushing them into the trap they watched you make lol. Yet this is violence to these guys.

How about we stop our wars before we try being hypocritical about game violence.