Call of Duty: Black Ops "There's A Soldier In All Of US" commercial

"Here's the brand new commercial for Call of Duty: Black Ops entitled: There's A Soldier In All Of Us."

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Sun_e2481d ago

Great commercial!!! Can't believe Kobe is in it!

toaster2481d ago

Yup, spray and pray baby. That's what CoD is all about. No skill required.

xtremexx2481d ago

lol whats wit the indian guy at the end? in slow motion lol, im not being racist

r1sh122481d ago

its an awesome advert, but with the violent video game politics going on, was there any point in adding children to the ad?

pixelsword2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

How is that commercial okay, but this one NOT used for television?

Well, actually, I don't even know if this one will make television as well.

badz1492481d ago

you mean SUPER soldier, right? you know, the ones that can auto-aim and stuff!

pixelsword2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )



He told it.

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allysaurus872481d ago

Holy eff this is a sick commercial!

AKA2481d ago

But not T* but all this mf in general that want war f$@@" moth34 F@&$"&

OldSchoolGamer32481d ago

Why don't you like Treyarch? Anyways funny/awesome the music!

DonkeyKingKong332481d ago

I wonder how much money did Activision pay Kobe Bryant to be in the commercial? Enough to buy his wife another 4 million dollar ring? Probably not that much but still cool to see the commercial attract so much star power! Oh and was that Jimmy Kimmel in it to?!?