TimeShift demo on XBL Marketplace

Vivendi Games has placed the Timeshift demo on XBL Marketplace. It weighs 582 MB and will give you the possibility to test the game before its release.

TimeShift is available from 28 September 2007 on 360 and PC.

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Jack Bauer4072d ago

i hope it's better then the one in OXM last year...anything is better then that tho.

xaphanze4072d ago

when someone plays it please let me know,I wanna know if its good

Ri0tSquad4072d ago

Nothing to be excited about just another FPS

beans4072d ago

Are you one of those guys that just thinks that shooters are shooters or are you giving an honest opinion! I'm just curios if it's any good and from the video's i've seen the game looks original with its time powers and gears of war 1st person visuals!

eLiNeS4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

It took me a little time to download it since I got my first RROD as I was about to click Download. My screen kind of pixilated and then froze. I rebooted and RROD! I turned my 360 off, sprayed some can air to clear any dust I can get at, turned it on and it's working. I still will return it back to Costco where I get a Lifetime warranty before HALO 3 comes out.

Back to TimeShift, It's not HALO 3 but the whole time stopping is cool and looks good. I will have to play it more to figure out how to work it all but so far it's not bad. It's worth a FREE download at least.

HarryEtTubMan4072d ago

"Gears of war first person visuals", sooooooo hilarious!!

HarryEtTubMan4072d ago

"Gears of war first person visuals", sooooooo hilarious!!

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Darkiewonder4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

To download demos xD

I need games *I* like to come out.

EDIT: How the hell can people disagree with *MY* opinion?

Must be close to another "End of the world"

power of Green 4072d ago

I know you just purchased your 360 but give it time I don't like buying old games either.

arcadegoal4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

is this the only reasion you turn on your 360 to download demos,well their is lots of them and multiplayer demos also plus lots more to come. do you have a ps3 well i did untill last saturday untill i sold it to buy the new ellite 360,i was so so disapointed with the quality of games and the lack of..not evan any multi player demos on psn net work and talking to your freinds is sooo dificult.bioshock rocks thats worth turning on your 360 for lol. RE 3 ..REF 3

sak5004072d ago


Pls do us a favor and sell 360 and buy a ps3 so you dont have to switch it on cuz it doesnt even have demos let alone a decent games library.

Saint Sony4072d ago

You managed to sell your PS3?.. HOW? Seems to be impossible.

solidt124069d ago

Only an idiot would sell a PS3 to buy a 360 Red Circle Box. I have both but my 360 is out for repairs. It would of been smarter to just buy a use 360 and have both systems. What an idiot. Know you are going to miss out on all the Exclusive PS3 games.

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DG4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Yeah the fist demo was trash. But with the game/facelift Im looking forward to trying this one tonight. Can someone post impressions. Damn work. How do I apply to be a game reviewer?

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The story is too old to be commented.