NowGamer: Fist Of The North Star: Ken's Rage PS3 Review

NowGamer: "If you’ve heard of Fist Of The North Star then you probably first heard of it when you were about 11, and thought it must be the best thing ever because you’d loved cartoons your entire life and were just getting interested in the joys of extreme violence. That some genius in Japan had thought to combine the two seemed unreal."

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WildArmed2788d ago

I was excited to hear about FotNS game..
but when I played the demo i was disappointed :(
Only if half of the anime based games were good as Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm :(

Rayz3d6yW0lves2788d ago

According to nowgamer. I tend to agree

RonRico2788d ago

Whats 10 pts better than 5.1/10?

paradigmfellow2788d ago

They are obviously biased. Have you see the comparisions when this game came out in Japan first. It was so slow and glitchy on the 360. I do know now, but I doubt they did anything to fix it.

RonRico2788d ago

I feel ya. I loves the amime but what the heck. the demo suck sooooo bad. Is the whole much better? If so I eat my words but sh*t the demo was very bad.

WildArmed2788d ago

Yeah, Many of my friends felt the same.
I loved the Old school anime..
But this was quite an underwhelming come back of FotNS :(