ISM: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Review - Night of the Living Dead

The developers at Rockstar Games really created something special when they released Red Dead Redemption. Honestly, I didn’t think this game could be any more epic than when it originally released. However, the Undead Nightmare pack released just before Halloween proved that Red Dead Redemption was not a one hit wonder. In fact, I might call this the greatest DLC ever released for a game.

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FanOfGaming2722d ago

Rockstar and good DLC seem to go hand in hand.

bossblue2722d ago

I need to hurry up and get this

AmpedUP2722d ago

Undead Nightmare might be the greatest DLC ever created.

TeenGoten2722d ago

I might have to agree with you for $8 on Playstation Plus, I have never felt better about my purchase. I have loved every second of this DLC. The horses of the apocalypse are sweet along with all the new guns you get. Bring on more zombies!

thecreeper2722d ago

I saw the IGN review of this and thought that it might be overrated, but this confirms it now that I am gonna pick it up.

AmpedUP2722d ago

You won't be disappointed! John Marston is a total fearless badass.

GLoRyKnoT2722d ago

Total 10 from me! w/o doubt "the best" DLC i ever purchased :)

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