NowGamer: Dance Central Review

NowGamer, as a collective, have decades of gaming experience behind us. Hand us a controller and we’ll rip through any game – nothing is beyond us. So Dance Central proved quite a difficult one for us: now we are the controller, and we have much less dextrous control over that than any pad. Our years of hand-eye co-ordination training became instantly useless upon booting up the first beats of Lady GaGa.

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Mystogan2691d ago

Why? it's been getting 8's and 9's everywhere

Cyrus3652691d ago

It's clearly the best of the kinect lanuch titles...which most of it, isn't saying much.

gigaware2691d ago

That sound bitter and a revenge attack because DC is getting better reviews than any Move game.

Cyrus3652691d ago

Not really...Bitter about a dancing game?

gigaware2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Love this.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2691d ago

Motion controlled game on HD consoles...good on ya kinect. Show dem you don't have to patch a regular game with motion controls to get it to grade A standards. Why can't other motion only games be this good? What's that? ...who said that?. . .Oh kinectimals, I'm sorry buddy, I didn't see you there. Yes, lil guy, 77 IS higher than the flagship motion control game that ships with the other peripheral, but you gotta keep that on the hush, these folks do not wanna hear that