Kinect Invades NYC... Paints Town Purple

DS writes, "Last night the crossroads of the world, Times Square New York was glowing in shades of purple. All hands we’re on deck for the “most important launch” in the history of Xbox, the Kinect Sensor. Fans lined up, as early as Monday, to be among the first to own the latest and greatest in motion gaming. The night’s festivities opened up with 600 dancers performing with 2 artists who are featured as Day 1 DLC for Dance Central, Lady Sovereign and R&B Singer Neo. The actual launch took place in the flagship Toy’r'us store with an after party held across that street at The Hard Rock Cafe. Overall a great night for Xbox, Kinect, and most importantly gaming. Take a look at our recap of the nights events below."

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NAGNEWS2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

did he say "yo, the core gamers here dog yo iam so motafokng exiting"?

those core gamers are maybe from another planet and that planet haz f#%&ked-up by kinectimals as they call it The 360's high rated core game of all time........i think i need to drink something

if you will excuse me

face-palm btw

Ninferno2668d ago

look how much fun the event was! Kinect launch was a success!

booni32668d ago

that i actually want one of these. X play gave dance central a 4 and it looks like hot shit.

Morituri2668d ago

What a bunch of losers.

Reckless7182668d ago

wow so many suckers came out to get ripped off lmao i love it

Reckless7182668d ago

those are your xbox gamers in the flesh lol