Top 5 Reasons Why Call of Duty: Black Ops Will Be the #1 Game This Year

Here are 5 good reasons why Call of Duty: Black Ops is likely to be the #1 video game this year.

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SmokexFFx2789d ago

GotY is achieved because of quality, not one of those reasons prove the quality of Black Ops.

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awiseman2788d ago

RDR and Reach Has a better chance of that.

btw Halo:Reach>>>>COD

avengers19782788d ago

#1 selling, I can see that, there is a devoted COD fanbase, and it is usually huge, but #1 in terms of quality(or GOTY) remains to be seen. Maybe they'll wow everyone, but I highly doubt that it will be a GOTY Contender let alone winner.

Shoko2789d ago

Reason #1: Call of Duty is in the title
Reason #2: It's an FPS
Reason #3: Call of Duty is in the title
Reason #4: Some sites are scared to give an exclusive GOTY, in fear of being called fanboys
Reason #5: Call of Duty is in the title.

Not saying it's gonna be a bad game, and I plan to play it myself, but seriously, it's another [kinda] modern day shooter. It does have theater mode and good character customization and a currency system, but I still don't think that's enough. The game still just consists of pressing LT and then RT repeatedly.

DaBadGuy2788d ago

Reason #6: Bobby Kotick sold his soul to Satan.

Long ago, Bobby traveled to Dubai and found the gateway to the pillar of suffering and called upon the Desolate One and offered his soul in exchange for making Call of Duty and Guitar Hero a success.

Quagmire2789d ago

If GT5 comes out this year, it will automatically be awarded GOTY on day 1 release.

piroh2789d ago

my personal GOTY:
1. GT5
2. GOW3
3. Heavy Rain

Raendom2788d ago

Heavy Rain is mine. That's all that matters really. I don't, and I'm sure many others don't, covet GOTY awards given by the likes of IGN, GameSpot or Gametrailers. I don't even really care for their reviews so I couldn't care less which game they thought was best.

scar202789d ago

Because little kids will bi*** and moan to thier parents to get it for them.

Fishy Fingers2788d ago

My GOTY, I'll have more fun with Black Ops than anything else. Not the smartest, most original or even best looking, but unmatched when it comes to fun, for me at least.

Paralex2788d ago

It's unmatched in fun hands down. It's going to be GOTY whether people like it or not.

scar202788d ago

@paralex killzone3,gt5,and lbp2 say hi.

-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Gotta agree, I'll be having the most fun with Black Ops. Not only is it looking great but it's going to be a blast with friends and I've always found the games fun.

It's my runner for GOTY ever since LBP2 went 2011.

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The story is too old to be commented.