NowGamer: Kinectimals Review

NowGamer: "Kinectimals is magical. There we said it, you bunch of old cynics. Kinectimals is joyous, clever, sweet, charming, playful, inclusive and charming and is – to our pleasant surprise – one of the picks of the Kinect launch line up."

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gigaware2811d ago

Why does this game get such good scores? do I have to pick this one up too?

Rayz3d6yW0lves2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Wonder where all those skittles jokes are now

dtrain212810d ago

I got it....its great and deep. My daughter loves it. This will be a hot seller

jerethdagryphon2810d ago

theres still hear because i highly doubt my 6 foot tall friend is gonna flop on his back to make a tiger play dead.

the jokes were at the simplicity of kinectimals and the lack of serious gameplay.

its a kids game its cute its cuddly but its a childs game
so is eyepet