Kinects Accuracy Is Spot On With Harry Potter, No More Smoke & Mirrors It's Real

All the Smoke And Mirrors that the Kinect has shown us can be put to rest. Harry Potter is one of those games that shows off Kinect in such a way that the naysayers won't be able to say shit any more.

The accuracy was really incredible to not only see but experience, and this interview goes into detail about how great EA is with utilizing Kinects power right out the gate.


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gigaware2666d ago

LOL Accuracy is dependent on the developers, kinect is just advanced hardware with state of the art software. It's like saying a new console's performance is limited to launch game code lol. Dance Central and Your shape fitness kick the crap out of other Kinect games when it come to "accuracy" and response.

SmokexFFx2666d ago

Yea, the lag is in the game code, not the hardware.

Fred-G-Sanford2666d ago

I get a kick out of watching people's reactions when they are being interviewed by hiphopgamer.

It is pretty clear that they are not used to being interviewed by someone with this much enthusiasm, and it's interesting (to me, at least) to see how they react to it.

HolyOrangeCows2666d ago

"kinect is just advanced hardware with state of the art software"

Hilarious, buddy. Hilarious.

10thnightvolley2666d ago

i agree too its due to the code not the hardware isnt this the same melodrama ps3 went thru in lunch ppl saying it was made to suck now look later in its life graphical powess is just above the 360 so what makes kinect any different from lunch titles which generally suck comepared to when things start kicking

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gigaware2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Some FPS have more lag than others it's not the console. I agree? I can only base my views from ,owning the device and owning the games and knowing from other traditional games.

Mystogan2666d ago

Developers are the ones that ultimately decide wether kinect fails or succeeds, if the core games are as precise as dance central, or even preciser then core gamers should be happy, ultimately the games will be as precise as the developers are.

feelintheflow2666d ago

its like saying the ps3 isnt as powerfull as the 360 because ported games aren't as good. Exclusives on ps3 show the difference between developers, is it any different than kinect, when some games have more lag than others?

n4gno2666d ago

Yes, and now, hiphop gamer is a trusted source, off course :)

harry potter videos are so lame (on rail/for kids), it's pathetic to see "gamers" defending things like that (gamers, no, just fanboyz)

nycredude2666d ago

Alot of people in here have no clue what they are talking about. Sure the quality of the codes help but any time you have control input you will have lag. Even control pads have lag. It's a fact. The PS Move has lag, Kinect has lag, it's just a matter of minimizing that lag as much as possible.

Also when the hell are we going to stop taking hhp gamer seriously. Ever game to him is incredible!

zoks3102666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Does this look like smoke and mirrors to you? Does this look like something the developers intended to happen?

Kinect will do 2 things, sell very well, and make people stupid, because every 360 fan cant see the issues with Kinect, it's as if they lost their brain all of a sudden. So caught up with wanting M$ decade old toy to succeed that they dont even realize how broken the tech is.

How can you make a game fun without buttons, have any one who have been playing games since the 80's thought of that? Kinect is a step backwards, stop hyping it up as if its some kind of holy grail of gaming that we have been waiting for.

xboxlj2665d ago

I feel embarrassed for my race when ever I see someone like hiphop gamer.

zoks3102665d ago

How old are you u sad little freak.

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-GoldenTimeLover-2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

NOOOO! I got HHG Roll'd! xD

So HHG, tell us about your experience about the skin-tone detection issue. People here have been waiting for you since yesterday.

So I get disagrees for simply asking a question? Okay.

FragMnTagM2666d ago

of HHG using the Kinect with no problem.

shadyiswin2666d ago

Pretty sure the disagrees are for failing to making a joke.

MariaHelFutura2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Kinect is racist, Hiphopgamer couldn`t have played it.

egm_hiphopgamer2666d ago

Kinect isn't racist, it works great but some games are very very well, some games are horrible so yes developers have to make sure that use the hardware correctly, but there's a ton of devs that don't want to make kinect games simply because certain things they want in their can't be done correctly using the Kinect alone.

MariaHelFutura2666d ago

It`s a joke. Calm down..... and YES anyone w/ a brain knows Kinect can`t make a "normal" game (like a FPS). If someone does I would love to try it out. But they won`t, so it`s irrelavant.

and..... "some games are very very well"

Time for an edit.

kaveti66162666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

"If someone does I would love to try it out. But they won`t, so it`s irrelavant."

You know I often hear stories from PS3 fanboys about "paying back 360 fanboys" for all the shit that was talked about the PS3 when it launched. After reading the annoying posts from fanboys from both consoles, all I can say is you all deserved it. Because now, you're all acting like stuck-up non-gamers. I just think that most of you are consumers first and gamers second. So, you want something to suck because you really don't want to pay for it or to think that you need it. That's where fanboyism truly begins. It's not about a passion for gaming. It's about a fear of having to spend money.

That's what it is. But people deny it because they don't want to be viewed as greedy cheapskates. Can't you just say that Kinect might be a great product in the future but you still won't pay for it? Because, you know, you might not have the money for it and that's not really a big deal?

baker_boi2666d ago

I thought spending too much money on games was a bad thing?

So now it's a good thing to spend tons of money on games and consoles? Say, $600 worth?

You, Kaveti6616, knowingly or not just became the enslaved, repeat consumer M$ got into the game industry for.

Will you say or do anything that justifies spending your money on their product whether you actually genuinely like it or not?

I don't know if you were just trying to find your self a good trolling point or whether you actually meant what you said, but either way you scare me.

You don't come on here and call people greedy cheapskates because they won't buy some bullshit product from a company you(for whatever reason) believe should have their money.

And you know the main demographic for X360 owners? Broke college kids who want somethin cheap and kids who are following the trend of "what my friends have!".

So you take your fanboy rant and go eat two or three Microdicks and have a cold glass of shut da fuck up to wash that down.

I'm sick of yall gettin on here with those made up, bullshit stories, and the redundant and oh-so hypocritical fanboyism speeches.

No matter which side you from every time you come out here and show yo ass, YOU WRONG. Yall ALWAYS be wrong to talk so much shit and call the kettle black.

Taker_1292666d ago

Thank you. I couldn't of said it better.

kaveti66162665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

No, you shut the fuck up and wipe the cum off your chin before posting anything to me.

I didn't say that not buying a Kinect would make you a cheapskate. I said that a lot of these idiots going around bashing products they don't own are only doing so because they don't want those products to be successful, because they cannot afford to get those products and they don't want to desire those products.

Consumerists, that's what you guys are. You, FUCK YOU baker_boi. You think you even know what I'm talking about, so you have to ram it up your ass and take your ignorance out on me?

You must have casually glossed over all the retarded anti-MS, anti-360, anti-Kinect posts that roll in every day for every article.

I'm not even buying Kinect. I don't like it. But you don't see me bashing it, nor do I bash Move or any other product I choose not to buy. It's because I am broke, but I don't get butthurt over it. I don't hide poverty behind retarded trolls like so many of you PS3 fanboys do.

You think I spew lies? Go fuck yourself, you hypocrite.

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kagon012666d ago

You're forced to give positive reviews so you can get freebies...

stuna12666d ago

I didn't think it was so much about the lag in the harry potter game, as it is the fact that it's on rails. And in my opinion will automatily lead to the core fanbase overlooking kinects in general.

Lyr1c2666d ago

Kanye West: Xbox Kinect doesn't care about Black People.

I'm sorry, I"mma let you finish, but Nintendo's Power Glove had the best motion control of all time!

Masamori Sumimura2666d ago

I lol'ed because I'm a big Ye fan.

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