What Kinect looks like through Infrared Goggles

It seems that Kinect beams a lot of infrared points and to some extent it is a little bit worrisome, but hey if it pass all the test then we shouldn´t worry, well at least from now.


Sorry for the mistake, here is the proper translation of the page in English:

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ConanOBrien2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

move bulbs, literally

SmokeyMcBear2663d ago

i think you mean figuratively

Hideo_Kojima2663d ago

But those dots are up to an inch apart which is why you wouldn't be able to track something like your finger from the recommended playing distance.

GoldPS32663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


bviperz2663d ago

I think it kind of explains why Kinect doesn't do 1:1, it has to track the movement through all those little bulbs without an on-board chip. Still pretty freaking amazing though.

FordGTGuy2662d ago

The lag is even hard to notice sometimes.

Trebius2663d ago ShowReplies(3)
MNicholas2663d ago

it can't capture precise movements.

This explains previously revealed images and video taken from Kinect's raw feed that showed a very low resolution point cloud.

So the actual resolution is even lower than the 320x240x30hz CMOS sensor that picks up these dots.

WildArmed2663d ago


Kodus to the guy that did the video.

Quite an interesting video.

10thnightvolley2663d ago

that would be freaky to find out but very intresting to see what kinect sees with the infrared

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Shackdaddy8362663d ago

Why does the description say this worrisome?

Infrared light isn't dangerous at all...

ajcastillo2663d ago

Depends of wich kind of infrared light you are talking about.

RedDead2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

There is one kind of infrared light...

Isn't there???

Edit---which varies in wavelenght and frequency of course but still

Edit 2--- I don't understand, Infrared is any light between 0.7μm and 300μm......right?

Fishy Fingers2663d ago

3 main "types" I believe IR-A/B/C. Wavelength also makes a difference.

Although, yeah, this wont be harmful or would of never been allowed to release.

kaveti66162663d ago

"Although, yeah, this wont be harmful or would of never been allowed to release."


But I don't think IR is harmful.

hmmmm2663d ago


Thats an interesting thing to think about actually.

Were cigarettes or even alcohol invented today would they be legal?

I don't think they would, do you?

pixelsword2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@ Fishy Fingers

In terms of infrared light, no, but kinda; as far as your body, it's not harmful at all except in making you hotter if the source was large enough (a plus in the coming winter months, actually)

The eyes are a somewhat different story:

" The IrDA spec says that the range of IrDA devices has been limited to 1m for reasons of eye safety. Another plausible assumption is that power consumption and IR pollution/crosstalk were reasons for this limitation. In principle there could be danger for the eye, because infrared light is not registered by the eye, and thus the pupil won't close in order to protect the retina from bright IR light sources. This is the same situation as with UV light, which will cause snow blindness eventually, but in contrast to UV light, IR light contains much less harmful energy due to its longer wavelength.

The only legal restrictions and medical advices we were able to find on the web were concerned with infrared emissions of heat lamps or in the welding process and IEC 825-1 (CENELEC EN60825-1). This suggests that IR light as emitted by IrDA devices will be harmless, since even the peak power emitted by strong IR LEDs (ca. 300mW) is several orders of magnitude below the power emitted by medical IR heat lamps (up to 500W). For these, however, you are supposed to wear protective goggles, so maybe if you are looking straight into 1.000 infrared LEDs flashing at once, you should do so, too. The effect of infrared light is mostly heat, though, and not an alteration or destruction of the biological cell structure, such as caused by UV light. Though in the specs for the HP OmniBook 800 Hewlett-Packard recommends not to look directly into the IR LED."

The questions that need to be asked is whether the sum total of IR lights constitute a harmful dose to the eyes, and the possible wattage of the lights.

But in terms of not releasing harmful products: not really. Asbestos, lead paint (and now from China, lead toys for kids), DDT being sprayed on children in the 50's, and ketchup (yes, ketchup; both modern and in it's original concoction)

were all released with scientific research in it's own era suggesting that there may be some harm from exposure to the products being made. As a matter of fact, High fructose corn syrup is horrible to your health, but it's in IV drips in hospitals (found that out a little before or just after a friend died of cancer in the hospital; she was doing well until she got on the drip and then her health went down drastically).

So no, it may not be perceptively harmful, but until we find out conclusively, it's not something that's great to do in long sessions.

limewax2663d ago

It most certainly is a danger for some people, In fact Im very surprised none of this was mentioned at all before release, But that would send my epileptic girlfriend into a frenzy. They put warnings on some games, but if this packs out infra red it should have a pretty damn big seizure warning on it. a few flashes on screen wont do half as much damage to an epileptic as infrared

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ChickeyCantor2663d ago

Getting a tan while you game.

RedDead2663d ago

Infrared doesn't give you a tan :P

ChickeyCantor2663d ago


I wasn't serious, because it was stated as if they were talking about ultra violet ( which is really bad for ya)

Pandamobile2663d ago

That's pretty cool actually.

Mr Marbles2663d ago

that definitely aint no eye toy.

SmokeyMcBear2663d ago

i don't think people are saying that its an eyetoy... but rather comparing the eyetoy games and the kinect games are quite similar, if not identical in the gameplay. Until the developers make a game that utlizes the advanced tech of kinect... the comparisons will still remain valid, in terms of gameplay.

ChickeyCantor2663d ago

"i don't think people are saying that its an eyetoy"

Just don't...this is really one of those"Nah man its not so deep when it comes to fanboys".

Many have stated before that its nothing but an eyetoy offering nothing else -game and hardware wise.
Since the hardware acceleration was taken out everyone cried how its just a camera.

ct032663d ago

Oh, people are definitely saying it's an eyetoy.
I won't look up any comments now, but I've read this statement at least a dozen times in the last two weeks.

pocketaces112663d ago

Anyone else is saying no the tech is not an eye toy that would probably be copyright infringement. BUT the outcome is the same much to the point smokey just made. Just because I do something one way and you do it another does not mean the outcome will not be the same. Either way it's still up to preference. I like having something in my hand with a lot more control others prefer something else. for example I like breaks and speed that I control and I like a ping pong game that I say where the ball goes not the game

Lyr1c2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

See those tiny dots? Each one of those individual dots is a lie spewed by Microsoft and it's fanboys.

True Story.

Edit: Overly sensitive are we? You guys can't take a joke. You act as if I really believe it.

kaveti66162663d ago

Jokes are supposed to be funny.

ChickeyCantor2663d ago

"Jokes are supposed to be funny."

and beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Yeah crazy aint it>?

Lyr1c2663d ago

It's only unfunny to you because you got your feelings hurt.

Want a hug?

kaveti66162662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

How'd I get my feelings hurt? I simply didn't find your statement funny, so I pointed out that it wasn't a joke, because jokes are supposed to be funny.

You're the one who is trying to paint me as a 360 fanboy because you think either people agree with you or they are 360 fanboys. Your mind cannot fathom that maybe it was a lame thing to say.

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