Sony hoping Nintendo does well with the 3DS

Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America recently stated that he is hoping Nintendo does well with the 3DS.

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Gam3s4lif32727d ago

HAHAHAHAHHA THATS BS SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol jokes
Good on ya :)

Dragun6192727d ago

I don't get what's funny. Sony is hoping Nintendo's 3DS will help them push 3D into mainstream.

blumatt2727d ago

...Sony is hoping it does well because the PSP2 will probably have 3D as well and that will indicate to Sony that 3D will be well received by the masses. Sony wants people to accept 3D so they can sell their 3D TVs and the PSP2 which I'm assuming will have 3D. I can't imagine it not having 3D.

Shang-Long2727d ago

im still not sure about 3d gaming i haven't experience it yet so i dont have an any feelings on it but im looking fwd to seeing what happens

HolyOrangeCows2727d ago

It does well, 3D gets pushed further.

It doesn't do so well, PSP2, or whatever, gets a crack at the market.

You win, you win. You lose, you win.
It's a win for them either way.

Bnet3432727d ago

If that's the case, Sony should learn from Nintendo: 3D WITHOUT GLASSES. Thank you Nintendo.

blumatt2727d ago

That's true, BUT you have to keep this in mind: 3-4" screens with the 3D built in (no glasses) is ALOT cheaper than a 40-60" tv screen would be comparably. It would cost 5-6000 dollars or more for like a 40" 3D TV that doesn't require glasses as compared to a 40" 3D TV that does use the glasses that only costs like $2000. The reason why Sony doesn't want to use glasses-less 3D yet comes down to the price. Simple.

HolyOrangeCows2727d ago

Don't forget that the glasses-less 3D screens have terrible viewing angles. No one but those sitting directly in front of the television would be able to see the picture.

No glasses 3D is a failed concept as a TV. It makes sense as a small, personal screen, however.

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dragunrising2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Clearly Sony wants 3D to succeed and the 3DS will only improve public mindshare and desire for 3D in the home.

Also I might add, Sony is curious if the handheld gaming market is still viable. Nintendo recently admitted Apple was more of a competitor than Microsoft in the moblile market (and games period). I assume that Sony is equally concerned with the iPhone/iTouch and its success with games. If the 3DS cannot compete with HD mobile games than it will be hard for Sony to compete as well. The PSP Phone makes a lot of sense if you follow my logic.

jwatt2727d ago

Basically the same thing that happen with the Wii and motion controls Sony wants that to happen with 3d. Only this time Sony has been helping push 3d gaming since day one.

matey2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

its who comes foward and actually does it and makes the big step and that costs alot hundreds of millions and risk u are talking rubbish nintendo bought motion controls to gaming not sony with the eye toy that wasnt motion gaming it was a joke that no 1 bothered with u need buttons 4 hardcore games end of nintendo 1st to bring 3D no glasses gaming to the world even if psp2 came out in jan2011 they just copied nintendo make moves sony just follow

Gam3s4lif32727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

cant u guys read? honestly
tell me why i got disagrees
hmm thought so, no one reads n e more

X-Alchemist2727d ago

get use to the fanboys man

vhero2727d ago

You can't do a 3D TV without glasses though the 3DS 3D effect is done with trickery that simply can't be done right now on a modern TV. However Sony are hoping people like playing 3D games that much they will want it on there console too.

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FlyWestbrook2727d ago

The start of a beautiful relationship? Probs not.

Nitrowolf22727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

i Think Sony has actually said that they wouldn't mind teaming up or working with Nintendo to help Push 3D forward

Swiftfox2727d ago

You know I had heard that when the Wii and PS3 launched, Sony and Nintendo both sent a couple of crates full of their consoles to the other company to play with. Kind of a "Good Luck, Have Fun" gesture.

Just because they are competitors doesn't mean they have to hate eachother. The Nintendo 3DS will spark attention for 3D and Sony has a stake in the home television market.

Yes Sony does have a handheld to compete with Nintendo but I think Sony will be going down a different path to Nintendo. The PSP delivered a different experience to the DS so I don't see what would change with the 3DS and the PSP2. They will deliver experiences unique to themselves.

darkcharizard2727d ago

When sony likes Nintendo, you follow. When sony despises and mocks Nintendo, you follow.. LOL, fanboys!!

jack_burt0n2727d ago

cheer up charizo sony might be nice and let nintendo use bluray next time round :)

kanetheking2727d ago

more ppl buy a 3ds then they look at a 3d tv with sony's name on it and go ooo i want it dood.

matey2727d ago

They will wait 4 the wii2 that will support no glasses/glasses 3D yes big 32inch/37inch leds are on the way in early 2012 and even earlier off toshiba late 2011 so wii2 mid 2012 that suppoert the same as the 3DS no glasses 3D but will also dupport no glasses 3D also HD is a must to make 3D image watchable so HD/3D =Wii2

kesvalk2727d ago

go back to school man, your writing is horrible!

Anti-Fanboyer2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

And if you read the article, he basically praises the fact that it's 3D, which could lead to more interest in other 3D product like Sony's.

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