Why I Keep Making Excuses for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is technically a terrible game -- and yet Mark Saldana can't stop making excuses to cover up those shoddy aspects of it. Why?

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NegativeCreepWA2758d ago

I only need one excuse. I've love every minute I put into this game,and I've played over 80 hours already.

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shiner2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

"I'll be sure to do that right away, maybe it'll involve going on websites and telling people to get a life and making unboxing videos, wait then it'll be as pathetic as yours. Na, I'll stick with mine. "


BlackTar1872757d ago

FALLOUT NV im 76hrs into it and the game crashes and freezes like 5x an hour and it seems it getting worse the farther i go into it. Its not just me i have 2 buddies who are experiencing the same issues on ps3 and 1 on 360. didn't have ay F3 glitches i can remember but this game although in my top 5 this year is starting to break me down with all the crashes and freeze then reloading and loading pisses me off.

NegativeCreepWA2757d ago

I crash every once in awhile on the PC, I really thankful for the F5 key makes saving frequently much easier. A piece of advice I've learned in previous FO and TES games try not to leave items on the ground and manipulate in world items unless your going to pick them up and sell them. In morrowind this would prevent crashing later on in the game. All that little stuff adds up.

BlackTar1872757d ago

good advice ill try that. Make no mistake i love Fallout NV though. Just hit lvl 28 about to star doing end game missions.

lessthanmarcus2757d ago

I don't know Mr. Scar. One of my quests bugged and won't allow me to continue with the game. 40hrs down the drain. How can I say it's a great game.

poopface12757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

at BBV that was actually cheaper than renting it twice(and more time too).

I had no problems with f3 and only a few with NV. Considering I got 30+ hours in in the period of a little over 2 weeks of rental, thats pretty good.

Im not even near the end of the game and am still finding new places to explore.

I have 20$ credit on amazon and im going to use it on this game for sure. Im just waiting for some holiday deals. If I find a good price and get 20$, this game is a great deal and is full of content.

If you liked F3, you should try NV, as it seems to have a better story. At least to me, as it has different outcomes.

I thought the end of F3 was retarded, how they made you die in the radioactive room, even though I told the immune-to-radiation mutant companion to do it, and he said I should do it even though I would die. So Im guessing the endings to NV are far more interesting than that crap.

ikkeweer2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

This game froze on me 10 times sofar, any other game I would have thrown out by that many freezes. Problem is, I'm 55 hours in and I'm only pissed it frezes because they threw me outta my world. I have red dead redemption and it looks alot better and has alot less bugs, yet it comes nowhere close to Fallout in gameplay imho.

I'm not neutral on this subject though, guess I'm a Fallout fanboy. (think I'm a subject to being a Mass-effect fanboy aswell (once it hits PS3)). I love my RPG's

CrIpPeN2756d ago

I stopped playing this on my PC because it keeps freezing on me.

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SSIDEUP2757d ago

But it's still a great experience... feels rushed, at times, but very worth it.

lastdual2757d ago

Buggy or not, it's still better than 90% of the stuff this year. And some of the mods already add (/fix) a lot to the experience.

MegaMohsi2757d ago

They've already released 2 pc patches that fixed a lot of problems and nvidia released updated drivers to fix the white spot issues, i love the game!

johnnywit2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I got bored with it after about 15 hours. I guess that's just me though. It was fun for a while but something just kept me from getting interested in it.

Sam Fisher2757d ago

to say "Elder Scrolls 4". period. end of story. and thats how the cookie crumbles.

soundslike2757d ago

before they probably show anything of it.

lets hope they add more spell effects and animations

gee golly mister,lvl1 fireball one sure looks like lvl99 fireball...

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