OXM Online: Kinect: The Hardware Review

OXM Online: "A few months ago, we got a taste of dashboard-surfing with a Kinect camera, and we liked what we saw. Er, felt. Er…spoke?

Pardon the confusion, but for 360 owners, it’ll take some time to figure out the vocabulary of Kinect — whether we’re describing the device or actually using it. After all, controller-free gaming is new for us; for some Xbox-ers, motion gaming is, too, unless you play regularly with a Wii or a PS3 Move controller. So, needless to say, getting our hands on a Kinect and hooking it up to our very own 360 was exciting and…disarming at the same time."

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Agent-862539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

This closing comment pretty much sums it up (and from the Official Xbox Magazine, at that):

"From the time we’ve spent with our Kinect, we’d call it more intriguing than essential at this point. Its voice and motion functionality have loads of potential, but for now — in both the dashboard and the launch games reviewed on the following pages — it definitely has limits, and not everyone will love it."

Got to respect a Xbox site for giving a honest review.

ABizzel12538d ago

Kinect isn't bad, but it's not the revolution MS was making it seem like. MS overhype everything they release, but they hyped Kinect like it was Halo, both of which aren't worth their hype (Halo earns it's hype more than Kinect).

Kinect is like PS Move in function, only with lag comparable to a Wii Mote without motion plus, the games are all Wii casual/arcade knock offs that should have been $40 like PS Move titles.

But the biggest thing wrong with Kinect is that MS hasn't shown any potential the device may have in a hardcore game. Move will have LBP2, Dead Space 2, Killzone 3, MLB The Show, support, as well as exclusive games coming to the platform in early 2011. Kinect has nothing to show.

raztad2538d ago

"Kinect is like PS Move in function, "

Dont understand.

TekoIie2538d ago

I am really starting to look at the xbox 360 kinect bundle and question whether it is any better than a wii. I currently own a playstation 3 and was VERY interested with kinect.

Once they announced Kinect sports i instantly thought to myself "they couldnt have made it more obvious that they want to attract the wii fanbase". I think i will use my money to buy a wii and get golden eye.

Darkspade2538d ago

Where's the HD Camera? I'll wait now maybe MS will come out with one in a few months lol