New Dead Ops Arcade Mode Footage Leaked writes, "Call of Duty: Black Ops is just around the corner from releasing. We're sure you already know, along with having requested off work months ago for this date, but have you heard the rumors about the Dead Ops Arcade mode? Take the rumors to the bank, as we're bringing you more leaked footage of the no longer rumored mode!"

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shovelface882754d ago

Dude treyarch is jampacking black ops with so much value, you'd be crazy not to buy it.

Dedicated Servers
mod tools
2 different zombie modes
returning multiplayer gametypes + all new gametypes
wager matches

This might be the best value for a game in a long time as far as re-playability.

jdktech20102754d ago

definitely in the running...I would put this and Reach at the top of the list (what else is new?)

Dark-Cloud2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

black ops yes but halo hell no , i hate the game
i'll buy assassin creed brotherhood and GT5 , these 3 games are the only games im going to buy them this year ...

i may buy old games like demon soul - mgs 4 - sports champion - killzone 2

scar202754d ago

@shovelface88 then i guess that would make me a crazy guy cuz im nt getting it.

jdktech20102753d ago

Dark Cloud, I'm not talking liking the game but in shear amount of content....even halo haters have to realize how much content is truly there....that's all my comment was about

Dark-Cloud2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

content doesn't matter ...
i hate the game not because it's exclusive for xbox360 i hate it because it's boring - old gameplay-easy-for noobs-nothing special in it -no need for skill to play it - and the most pethitic thing is that people still defend the game and still compare the game to the other games ..... i bought 2 xbox360 , i just want good games , but it's annoying when someone start to defend this game or mass effict or fallout 3 , they are the worst games i ever see because people still defend it , they are not that good , they are not better then ps3 games but people just start saying stupid things ...
i wish if xbox360 have good games but it don't , only forza 3 - fable 1/2/3 - splinter cell - alan wake and gears 1 ( didn't like the second one , i dunno why but its really annoying playing it , gears 1 have better online and better campaign in my opinion { in other way to say it i enjoyed playing it so i bought it in the pc } i dunno why u people count gears as an exclusive , it's in the pc , >.< fabel 1 and 3 are in the pc too )

but these game are less then ps3 exclusivve and still not as good as ps3 games .... and i hate when people start compare the same games in both consoles !! >.< they are the same !! only bright is diffrent and u can edit it in the option !! people act like kids , they don't know what they are saying and always defend there toys ,

aviator1892753d ago

Halo requires no skill to play? Lol, tell me you're kidding. Halo may not be the greatest thing ever, but the gameplay sure isn't noob-friendly.
If you think it's boring, then that's your opinion, but the gameplay sure isn't noob-friendly.

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-Alpha2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

OMG, this is black Ops?? Wtf, this thing is so awesome, I'm really impressed :O

ps3alldayeveryday2753d ago

Yup, this game has soo much content in it! Cant wait till Tuesday!

Cajun Chicken2754d ago

Looks like Crimsonland. Not a bad thing too.

Dark-Cloud2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

this is the aarcade mode ? ..
this looks good , i love playing missions with my brother :) ... like special ops in Mw2 , zombies in Word at war , it's always amazing but the problem is that they put only few maps and things like that ...

ThisPlaceSucksBye2754d ago

They're certainly putting a lot of content in.

Sikct9a2753d ago

This is cool. This mode will do until they release Dead Nation.

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