PONGUS First 100% Legal PS3 Homebrew Released

CodeZombie has released the first 100% legal PS3 homebrew, right here at This is the first PS3 homebrew game to use no copyrighted code. The game was coded from the ground up, entirely with the PSL1GHT SDK. Here is what CodeZombie had to say about his release:

Pongus is a simple pong clone, demonstrating the basic features of the PSL1GHT SDK.

Right now, it’s in a playable state, with enemy AI, collision detection, Speed advancement and simple controls.

There is already a much better pong clone available for the ps3, but that package contains leaked sony code, and is illegal to distribute.

This package is the opposite, written completely with the Open PSL1GHT SDK. No Sony code was used to write this game, and thus, is able to be freely distributed, source and all.


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Sitris2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Not sure what this is, can anyone explain to me?

2754d ago

This is not a new xmb just a stupid ping pong game...lame!

jeeves862754d ago

You were expecting pirated games for free? Or publisher-quality games? Alright then, start crunching some code there.

Redempteur2753d ago

what's lame is your comment not everyone is focusing on creating custom firmware for ps3

Heartnet2753d ago

not to insult his what is obviously a historical moment in time (lol) its just Pong... as far as im concerned xD

Redempteur2753d ago

"it's just pong "

"it's just hello world"

what's important is not the result but the first step.

Before wanikoko's usb loader ( on wii ) there was pong homebrew and hello worlds

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DeepInterludium2754d ago

All previous homebrew was made using Sony's leaked copyrighted SDK.

This doesn't use Sony's SDK and is legal to distribute.

However, this isn't actually the first legal homebrew. Just the first legal pkg.

vhero2754d ago

The main problem is for pirates right now is the newer games coming out can not play on cracked copnsoles most pirates are actually going out and buying a second consoles for newer games = more sales for Sony. It's not Sonys fault however they are just using new encryption keys to stop the pirates.. Thus why GT5 was delayed.

Thecraft19892753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

IT means this the first application not use sonys leaked illegal copy righted SDK.

vhero no game has been made ground up on a newer firmware ( this won't happen to about end of 2011 ) all just added last minute and all Sony attempts to stop them playing pirated games have failed. Switching a eboot file from game that needs 3.41 and editing the psram fixes the problem mdeal of honour had.

wissam2753d ago

Indeed.still moh used 3.42 not 3.50 firmware.
and you can only play it offline. which is a very
lame thing indeed.

Thecraft19892753d ago

wissam yes that is true but even they did use 3.50 the same process would work as they have make the game ground up on 3.50 sdk witch would mean starting game from scratch. Yes I agree stupidest thing in world pirating a game made for online is stupid.

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Shoko2754d ago

Legal and Homebrew in the same sentence? Wah?

Darkstorn2754d ago

Homebrew was never illegal, it just violated Sony's terms of service. It is technically 'illegal' for Sony to sue a user for TOS infringement (unless it's distributed for monetary gain) - Sony can only update their TOS or take away functionality.

Dasteru2754d ago

You seem to misunderstand what homebrew is. Homebrew has nothing to do with hacking/pirating or cfw, it is a game or application made entirely from scratch by a single person and without the use of any pre existing software. Sony doesnt own or have rights to any part of it. The only thing they could do is block it from being played on the ps3, as for the game itself, that belongs to the person who made it and sony has absolutely no say in the matter.

Dellis2754d ago

^uh yeah?, their is nothing illegal about this

Dsnyder2754d ago

PS3 will have great sales while everyone downloads 360 on bit torrent.

turok2754d ago

troll harder vassal to GROL

-X-2754d ago

Might check it out this week. Would be cool of more, and more people kept making free, and legal Homebrew games for PS3.

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