Exclusive Tribes Universe Interview With Hi-Rez Studios CEO Erez Goren

Lore Hound gets some face time with Hi-Rez Studio's man-in-charge, Erez Goren, concerning the recently-announced MMO, Tribes Universe. Plenty of new information can be found in the Q&A including the progress of the game, some dirt on which of its predecessors is serving as the base, and how much of an MMO it really is.

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CombineElite2782d ago

I was so amped up for Tribes Universe when I heard the announcement but now I'm not so excited anymore as it seems Hi Rez is just gonna use the lame Unreal Engine and slap Tribes Universe on top of their failed Global Agenda MMO/FPS.

Developers do realize that you can use the Cryengine 2. You don't have to continue using the lame Unreal Engine.