1UP: Microsoft Kinect Scorecard

At $150, Kinect, Microsoft's camera peripheral, may seem pricey, but the cost is comparable to buying all the hardware you need for multiplayer Move. And Nintendo's controller-plus-Nunchuck setup, even today, will still set you back about $60 per set.

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Fishy Fingers2788d ago

"Micorosft Kinect Scorecard"


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Fishy Fingers2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

5 Disagrees for quoting 1Ups typo. Cheers.

Edit: Yeah, I'm up to 8, lets see how high we can go :)

MariaHelFutura2788d ago

"It looks like they just banned someone for quoting the damn review."

Hey, atleast you didn`t get banned.


MinskyM2788d ago


"The system has noticeable lag"

"And the voice commands work...but only about half the time"

One of the mods is on some sort of fanboy rampage. It looks like they just banned someone for quoting the damn review.

MariaHelFutura2788d ago

"It looks like they just banned someone for quoting the damn review."

That`s amazing.

kaveti66162788d ago

"That`s amazing."


visualb2787d ago

I think the mods are hard core 360 fanboys, and HATE the fact that its become a brew for PS3 fanboys

oh the epic story of N4G....not

anyway - good point, he did just quote the article and he got flagged as "not a reply"

pathetic...just pathetic. where's the modding for all the trolling? or does that bring hits to this site?

I think it does!

+ the article has a point

doG_beLIEfs2788d ago

"The system has noticeable lag -- not that much worse than you get with Move or Wii,"

Two things...the wii has some noticable lag here and there....the Move....all you have to do is see this and realize there is no noticable lag.

lag? really?

EVILDEAD3602788d ago

Played it last night had an f-ing blast..

Kinect works as advertised,,it's real and it definately here to stay..

The word of mouth os going to take this thing to new heights..

We played 3 young kids so we didn't even open Kinectimals..

Kinect adventures was a's straight fun

Played Moyion Sports and that game has a bunch to unlock

But game of the night was Kinect Sports..bowling RULED.finally Wii bowling got comp..

I can't believe the stupid stuff I've read about Kinect..
when you load it up it honestly is amazing to just use your hands and body..

And it is a workout and a half..


Denethor_II2787d ago

If I had spent the amount of money you have just spent on Kinect, I'd be lying to myself too, by saying 'it works GREAT, I'm having a BLAST!!!! Come back in a weeks time when you have actually tested it and, assuming the novelty hasn't worn off, tell me what you think.

ComboBreaker2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

That's exactly the problem with Kinect.

It doesn't work 99% all the time. It only work 50% of the time. That means that sometimes, Kinect will work for you. But other times, Kinect won't work (like as many others have experienced.)

In other word, Kinect is not reliable at all, unlike Move, which works 99% of the time.

Truthfully, $150 for a device that doesn't work reliably is just not worth it at all.

simplyRealistic182787d ago

lol funny you bring that up, because we all spend over $300 on a certain console that wasn't reliable lol

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shikamaroooo2788d ago

wow 1up's reveiw sure is late but a really good read

deadreckoning6662788d ago

I wouldn't consider it late at all. It takes TIME to accurately review motion device.

simplyRealistic182787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

that just mean, they actually spent time with it, unlike those other sites who just try to rush out their reviews

Shazz2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

all the gaming reviews are saying same stuff that you need big space ,some lag and voice controls are hit and miss yet all the american media newspapers and mags dont mention this .

lol @ disagrees for saying whats clear for everyone to see if your read all the reviews.

gigaware2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The space issue is not true at all i have two one in the living room and one is the bedroom. Intelligent placement results in no issues(Line of sight, distance compensation!) Don't have 6 to 7 feet in the room LOL :/ move it higher LOZL

Shazz2788d ago

care to post a video of your setup please? im only going on what nearly all reviewers have said about kinect m8 so i highly doubt all of them are lying

HolyOrangeCows2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

No, it takes about 10 feet. I know you're happy to suck up whatever numbers MS throws you, but here's the facts:
-43 Degree Vertical POV
-Average height 67 inches

10 feet: [33.5 x Sin(68.5)]/Sin(21.5) = 85.05 inches (7.09 feet) + 3 feet or so to take advantage of 3D space

Bzone242787d ago

"No, it takes about 10 feet. I know you're happy to suck up whatever numbers MS throws you, but here's the facts:..."

No it doesn't. Played the Adventures game last night and was in a fairly small room. Kinect didn't complain about not seeing you unless you got a little over 5 foot or closer. Anything beyond that registed everything I did. The room we were in only allows you to be at the most 8 foot from the Kinect and that's with your back to the wall. Two people can play in the 8 foot or so range. You do need a little space side to side so you aren't hitting each other.

I know you like spouting your "facts", but I played it and you are wrong about the 10 feet.

gigaware2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Ouch at the disagrees. You do know 6 feet is the length of a large amount of people laying down flat right? If you don't have 6 feet to spare I don't know what to tell you average apartments have more space.

Shazz2788d ago

i dunno what to tell you m8 but most people have furniture in their bedrooms and living rooms , i shall ask again care to post a video of your setup please ?

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40cal2788d ago

Just read all of these quotes, this thing dose nothing Microsoft said it would. I don't even want to try it out after reading all of this.

"Extended hands-on time with a game like Kinectimals reveals that there is still a definite input lag issue, which totally disrupts the overall experience. Plus lots of other minor annoyances -- the necessity for a completely clear playing space, the inconsistency in accepting voice commands, the wonkiness in dealing with room lighting -- make it feel more like a curiosity or a novelty; that is, Kinect is something to check out and mess with on occasion, but not really spend any sort of extended time with."

"I'm probably more excited about navigating menus with a wave of my hand and controlling my 360 by talking to it than any of the incredibly embarrassing games the system has to offer."

"I appreciate how Kinect allows me to play a game like Dance Central, but I'm not sure if I'm interested in any of the other titles that are available at the moment."

"And there's still lag; with games like Dance Central, the developers seem to hide that lag behind pre-animated motion capture, which gives the illusion that you're actually doing the movements at the same time as the onscreen character...even when you're really not."

Oh, and how dose all of that broken equal a B-/A+?

darksied2788d ago

"... but in the end, Microsoft paid us a lot ... er, I mean, in the end, Kinect is good."

simplyRealistic182787d ago

a B- is like a high 70(76- 79) if im not mistaken

doG_beLIEfs2788d ago

it is really sad and pathetic that MONEY buys not only elections but reviews as well...

beardpapa2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

You guys need to take up [freelance] content publishing as a supplementary income. You learn a lot about what you can/can't write when someone asks you to publish a review of their product/service. There are guidelines you have to follow and most of the time, you don't have to disclose if you were paid to write a certain way or not.

At least there isn't as much bias as before. With the new laws, reviewers can't be bribed with gifts. They have to return everything they received for review. They can be biased by negotiating incentives however (e.g., other items that are not part of the review or higher payment per article).

I'm not saying that there is an innocent company out there that is completely angelic and shun these dirty practices. I'm just saying when it comes to reviews, expect them to be biased and expect their level of bias to be dependent on how much they're being compensated for their time to write the article.

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