Joystiq: Kinect vs. Our Living Rooms - A Survey

Kinect can be especially sensitive about your interior decorating. Couch to close to the television? Just move it, the sensor advises. Massive coffee table right where you should be standing? Just slide it out of the way, it suggests. For some, this ad-hoc redecorating process is relatively painless.

For others (like this writer!) a massive, solid wood coffee table isn't moved so easily.

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Agent-862814d ago

"For all the talk of revolutionizing the Xbox 360 experience and making gaming more natural/ accessible, it's bordering on absurd how broken Kinect is when it comes to something as simple as working in your home."


uxo222814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

It's actually pretty absurd looking at the amount of trolling and searching for negative information some of you fanboys have been doing.

I think Kinect is doing fairly well. One of the things I have learned about people is that they hate on things that they fear as a threat to them.

Don't worry your stock with sony will be okay, you can stop drinking the hateraid now.

I mean seriously dude, I looked at your comment history and you have made some form of negative Kinect comment in 12 to 13 of your last 15 comments. Now that's is what you call