Sony PS3 set to win video games console wars this Christmas

ExpressAndStar: A new study from Kelkoo and GameVision Europe predicts that the latest innovations in motion video games from Sony will make the PS3 the biggest selling console this Christmas, accounting for 41% of all consoles sold

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WetN00dle692756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Yeah......... i wouldnt doubt it.

iMaddy2756d ago

sure they usual.../s

Acquiescence2756d ago

but it's common knowledge that the PS3 is well on the rise now and if GT5 manages to get released this year then it's a sure thing.

Red_Orange_Juice2756d ago

I will get my 320GB slim this xmas

Aquanox2756d ago

PS3 has never won Christmas, it was always outperformed by the Wii and 360.

This year, Kinect is out with massive success. If anything's going to change is the gap between the contenders.

thor2756d ago

"Kinect is out with massive success"

Unfortunately, people won't listen to the damning reviews it seems

n4gno2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Yes, as usal, like for ps1, 2, and 3 since the start (against his real cheap competitor 360).

the "gap" is non existent, and will reduce years after years (it should be more faster with smarter and informed people, but..)

"Funny how midnight release lines for Kinect were bigger than Moves though"

talking about dumbs and misinformed people....

by the way, how many new multiaccounts the desperated Xdroids, without games and great motion controler have registered ? it's crazy.

Blacktric2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

"talking about dumbs and misinformed people.... "

Talking about how fanboyism changes people into mindless insulting machines. Just because those people prefered Kinect doesn't mean that they are dumb. It's like you are insulting a guy who bought a car for its comfort and other features(Kinect), because you think the car you bought (PlayStation Move) is better because its more comfortable for you to drive. So, if there's someone dumb here, its you for insulting those people just because they chose something you don't prefer.

Edit: Oh and if you are gonna disagree, please do share with us why.

Boody-Bandit2756d ago

All I have read leading up to the release of Kinect is how it's sold out every where weeks before it even launched. That MS wont be able to keep up with the demand and already fear shortages.

Fast forward to today, 24 hours after it has released and every store in my area has them in stock and a ton of online retailers also have them in stock and ready for purchase.

There is no doubting Kinect will pull in big numbers but don't you think it's way too early to be touting it a massive success? 500 million dollar advertising budget and who knows how much in R&D and production. How many units does MS have to sell just to break even? I am sure it's several million.

They most likely wont be in the black until 2nd quarter 2011. People with common sense know this. Oh sorry, I forgot.

Ju2756d ago

$150 price tag on a peripheral with an extreme marketing and R&D budget will never recoupe those costs. Not in its live time. The only reason why MS can do it, because they can write blank checks. But that's about it. And tell the shareholders "it is for the greater good". Yeah, like Zune.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2756d ago

There was a study that said that Move would outsell kinect. . .a look on amazon then revealed that kinect was at position 11 and Move 40. Ps3 people do alot of talk but not alot of buying, it is common knowledge. Thats why games sell better on 360 , why kinect is beating move. . .

jetlian2756d ago

sure JU. MS says they making a profit on every kinect they sell. Pachter thought kinect only cost 100$ to make. If thats true they only need to sell 10 million units.

Also thats not including any games sales and royalties. If they sell 5 million like planed chances are they will be in the black shortly

Boody-Bandit2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

No offense but there are so many things you are not factoring into the equation.

What about production cost, research and development, testing, distribution, retail, taxes. Do you think distributors and retail stores sell them for free and give MS all the profit?

MS will need to sell a lot more than 10 million Kinects, regardless of software sales, just to start to reach the black. Don't forget further manufacturing, production, advertising, etc. Also you to take into consideration Kinect comes with a pack in game so that cost is voided and entered into the equation as well.

Did you watch G4's Kinect Edition Discussion?
They talk about how MS just purchased another company that help create tech for the eye toy. MS will probably have them help with Kinect development tools in the future. I'm sure that company didn't come cheap and from a business perspective that too might go into the Kinect equation. See how quickly things can get tacked on?

I was being overly generous with my several million because I didn't want to send people into a frenzy but I would think MS needs to hit the 15 to 20 million mark, possibly even more, to be in the black with Kinect. Ju's statement was a lot more spot on then mine. Again I was just trying to walk the middle of the road because I am losing bubbles like the trees are losing leaves this time of year.

Then again a lot of trolls on this site walk around with 5+. The bubble system on this site is a joke. They should just do away with it. It's about as meaningful as stats in online gaming.

jetlian2756d ago

even know what selling at profit means?!! it means all things considered how much would 1 cost over the expected(forcast) sales amount.

500 million ad budget, the 30 million to buy said company ,R&D has all been added to the cost over X amount of kinect+games sales to equal its price of 150 dollars and 50 dollars for the games.

Boody-Bandit2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Yes I know what selling at a profit means but the profit doesn't start unit you are in the black. You know, recoup the money vested.

You are going by the assumption that MS is making $50 per unit. I can't see how MS could be pocketing that kind of money with all they have invested into this device.

I would be blown away if it was more than $20 per unit. To be honest I would be surprised if they were selling Kinect at a profit at all. They are spending money on advertising like it's water. This is the most agressive advertising campaign for them yet.

Best case scenario I believe that number is around or beyond 10 million units sold and I still think that's a modest estimate.

jetlian2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

50 per unit I haven't a clue. However when pachter was talking about kinect he said MS woulds sell at 80 with a slight loss which I placed it near 100.

if you spend 1 million to R&D a car and plan to sell only 1 then that car would be 1 million+. If you plan on selling 10 then you can sell it for 100K+ etc

MS already forcasted how much they believe they will sell on top of the actual price to make. They wouldn't spend 500 million if they weren't getting it back.

first party gamers give MS 40$ 3rd party 10$ multiply in millions you'll hit 500 million fast.

simple way at looking at it..everything made is sold at loss. But there are 2 kinds of loss... 1 Loss- making up R&D cost 2 Greater loss- making up R&D and manufactering.

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Mystogan2756d ago

yeah its going to sell 30 million this christmas and surpass Wii.../s

Ju2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Well, last time I checked, the Wii somehow magically is matching with the 360 for the 3rd spot since a while now. At least on a global scale. It doesn't really matter what happens in the US as long as the PS3 can give the others a run for their money there. And it does.

MariaHelFutura2756d ago

Way to start out w/ crappy comments guys. Boo........

mcstorm2756d ago

I really can not see this with the 360 having Reach Fable and Kinect out this xmas but I can se the ps3 selling well the start of next year once it has games like GT5 LBP Kill Zone 3 ect but we will sure know in the next 3 months.

ABizzel12756d ago

Actually this isn't to far off, Sony an Nintendo are neck and neck this year I believe it was 8.5 mil (Nintendo) to Sony's 8.1 mil, and like the others said if GT5 comes out Sony's going to have a very good holiday. It may very well be the first time they win the year.

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Hellsvacancy2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Im gonna b buyin a new Slim, TODAY

Edit: IMadd, yep, PROPER broke, no fixin it this time like i hav in the past, i tried fixin it 5 times, i ended up meltin sum of the chips near the gpu/cpu, the main motherboard was black when i had finished with it, it had worked 3 times b4 when i did it, but not this time

-Alpha2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

All this is pure speculation, not to mention it's talking only about the UK. I don't see Move outselling Kinect with MS's advertising campaign set to engulf the media.

GT5 will be Sony's biggest game for Christmas, and Move is continuing to do great.

Kinect is casting out to a much bigger audience this Christmas than either Move or Nintendo, though I question the appeal of Kinect to their actual main userbase. Call of Duty will likely be the big Christmas seller for the Xbox as a game (probably the PS3's too next to GT5).

I wonder if Nintendo will cut prices for Christmas, they've been overshadowed by all the focus on PS3 and 360 lately.

Pyscho_Mantis2756d ago

no one in the UK knows a thing about kinect and looking at some of the lauch party's there were literally only a couple of people at some stores.

Ju2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Kinect doesn't have a bigger market than Nintendo or Move. If at all it's the same. However, for the price tag and "beeing just a camera" I see it being the toughest out of the three to sell. I still think Sony has the biggest appeal - value for money proposition - with Nintendo having the stronger line up for parents looking for a "toy" for their kids - for the lowest price. Kinect has a price tag like the Move but way less features - and, competing with the Wii, it still too expensive without the some interesting games (but no Mario, etc).

If Sony would (or could afford) to buy the same show space in stores and put a Move kiosk next to Kinect (just put the sports game side by side) I would guarantee that's game over for Kinect right there.

shikamaroooo2756d ago

i reackon CoD and GT5 will be the main appeal i mean its cod..... everyone is talking about black ops

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