AOTF: Kinect Review

Right now the offerings are undoubtedly laser targeted to the casual market, but are fun enough to distract the more hardcore audience long enough to justify the investment for the Kinect. If developers embrace the strengths of the camera and can produce a game or games that can further engage the core audience on the Xbox 360, Microsoft might just have the next big thing here.

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kenlawson2631d ago

Still on the fence reviews are mixed alot some websites really hate this thing with a passion.

FanboyAttack2631d ago

Kinect is a pretty fun time. But my body is sore as hell from playing with this thing. It's pathetic actually.

feelintheflow2631d ago

I got kinect sports and the pack in game kinect advaentures. My wife and I played it for about 6 hours today, man what a workout and its not even a workout game.

poe2631d ago

No thanks, I think I'll wait for it to hit the bargain bin. My prediction is about 1.5 million Kinects sitting in a landfill a year from now.

math2631d ago

Good thing you don't rely on predictions for anything more than trolling N4G because that one is probably a little bit ambitious.

mintaro2631d ago

Whats with the hate for kinect? I don't understand a lot of your reasonings.


its so trendy and cool to hate everything new like your too hardcore. Kinect is a blast. damn and now i'm pooped time to sit down and play some new vegas

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