New Uncharted Drakes Fortune Screens

There are a handful of somewhat new images and concept art in the gallery section (or at least direct feed images as opposed to scans). The Technology section will be updated periodically with info about the development process. The current entry from Evan Wells says that they're currently knee deep in alpha and that they are doing tons of press for the game right now. In a few weeks, there will be another press event in Croatia.

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Bigmac5734123d ago

The lead female doesn't look like my uncle bob anymore!

HeartlesskizZ4123d ago

This game is looking very cool, they guy facial xpresions are nice.

yo_mama1234123d ago

This game's gonna be sick! I can't wait.

Vojkan4123d ago

Could be best graphics yet

Coffin874123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

yeah i just realized that this games looks hell better than high-res prerendered point & click adventures..
this is really awesome.

look at the pics.. uncharted has the same level of detail!!

PS360WII4123d ago

Yea I'm looking forward to this game for sure. Cannot wait ^^

TriggerHappy4123d ago

Games looking very good, cant wait to try this, Am still a bit skeptical on how well the controls are. Anyone have any idea when we will be getting a PSN demo ?

Sevir044123d ago

To under 3 gigs because as of right now the demo level they showed at both gamers day and e3, was 5.5 gigs and downloading that on PSN would be a BIOTCH!!!!.and if it's that bg then that level better be about 30-45 minutes long. still Uncharted is by far the most graphically impressive PS3 titles coming this year.with Ratchet, GT5, UT3, and Haze, coming in really close. and the pedigree of Naughty Dog is just what makes this game even more appealing because they did nothng but excellent with the Crash bandicoot games and then totally blew out all PS2 owners heads with the mindlowing Jak and Daxter games. this is just amazing to say the least and cant wait

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The story is too old to be commented.