IGN: God of War III: Playing as Kratos' Brother

Seeing as how it became an instant PlayStation 3 classic the day it was released, it might be hard to believe that God of War III actually came out this past spring. While it might be gathering dust on your bookshelf, Sony is giving you new reasons to pick up God of War III -- six skins for Kratos that each come with their own gameplay tweaks.

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dangert122757d ago

I'm downloading the Gow collection of playstation plus now
Its 18GB madness hope i get into it though or it would have been as waste it does look great

GLoRyKnoT2757d ago

Here is a little history of the (only in the ultimate edition) Dominus skin
On 5-06-10 the average sold price on e-bay was $112.00 - The least I ever saw one sell for was $9.26 & highest was $83.00 the next high was $61.00 & I saw at least 30 of these sell for over $50 each & to think, it's FREE now 2 all PS+ pubs. W0W! just wow!

joydestroy2757d ago

awesome. another game to pick back up. half of my vacation this year is going to be spent playing games

moparful992757d ago

I've been playing through again as deimos with all of my special items equipped.. Its been great reliving one of the best games on the ps3....

TheLastGuardian2757d ago

Why play God Of War 3 now if you have Ghost Of Sparta?

moparful992757d ago

Because I beat it already.. But honestly I'm splitting my time between gow 3, chains of olympus, and ghost of sparta.. It's nice seeing how all the games tie nicely together.. I plan on going through the god of war collection in the next week.. Probably take 3 days at most.. It only took me a day a piece when I got it... Either way I'm on god of war overload right now lol...

Eamon2757d ago

Zeus! Your sons have returned. They bring with them the destruction of Olympus!!!

captain-obvious2757d ago

co op MP kicking Zues's ASS
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiice

Kingmitch232757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

If you remember the deleted scenes vid thin how amazing it would be with a Zeus vs Gaia vs Kratos vs Deimos scenario

or a Zeus and Gaia vs Kratos and Deimos

or Kratos,Deimos vs Poseidon, Hades, Zeus

actually any combo would be amazing!

moparful992757d ago

I just wish the deimos co-op was longer.. Far to short lived.. But it was pure epic and a genius move by ready at dawn...

sonic19892757d ago

This is insane. love the music

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The story is too old to be commented.