IGN: Call of Duty Deluxe Edition - A Visual History

Come take a trip down memory lane as IGN shows off each and every main COD release. Which do you think looks the best?

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Call_me_Ishmael2690d ago

call of duty 2 and 4 were the best IMO

CommonCent2690d ago

IMO the lighting seemed better in COD4 than in MW2.

ps3alldayeveryday2690d ago

From the COD's ive played I would say

1st COD4:MW (Best of them all so far not including Black Ops)
2nd COD:WaW (Introduced Nazi Zombies)
3rd COD:MW2 (I liked the new features but multi was really unbalanced)

I have a feeling Black Ops will take that number one spot.

pr0digyZA2689d ago

1:Cod 4 was the best and broke ground
2:Cod2 was very good, I still remember that cliff-side climb
3:MW2 I loved the single player campaign with all the set pieces. Multiplayer was broken that's why it's third

These don't take away from the first call of duty which was such a surprise hit when I bought it, I can still remember playing the demo and thinking what an amazing game it was, not to mention the expansion pack (united offense) was just one of the best as well