Motion Control Shootout: Kinect vs. Move vs. Wii Motion Plus

Clearly Nintendo did something right: years after incorporating motion controls into the Wii, the competition is finally following suit. With the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect, Sony PlayStation Move, and even the Nintendo Wii Remote Plus controller all landing during the same holiday season, it's only natural to compare and contrast these three similar-yet-different systems.

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BrianG2728d ago

Not a bad article.

Just one disagreement, on the "most likely to collect dust" part. They say Kinect wins because its always plugged in, but as far as playing it thats another story.

Isn't that contradicting yourself? It doesn't collect dust cause its always plugged in, but your not using it. Thats the same idea with Move and the Wii Mote. If you don't use it its "collecting dust".

BldyShdw2727d ago

I use my PS3 daily and it has dust, not from lack of use but lack of the console actually moving.

rjdofu2727d ago

LOLWUT? The console's moving???

N4g_null2728d ago

Sony never really support the original pseye or the ps3 eye or their own sixaxis motion control so why are they going to make any thing beyond the Harry potter knock off.

Another thing is ps3 gamers still believe the potiential of the ps3 hasn't been tapped. These control setups will take away from that power if used.

Then we have the fact that Sony can't make a halo killer or a Mario killer nor a wii play or resort killer. It seems Sony is following the fad part of nintendos goal with out the game play.

Game play has always been sony's weakness which is why they focus on every thing else. Ms is a follower and machine pr monster that actualy has helped out a number of studio early. Yet I don't think they understand gaming ethier. Yet they do understand pc gaming. Sony's trick was to try and leverage pc gaming yet ms core business has always been pc gaming. They just brought pc gaming online to consoles at a cost.

The problem is many wii games use parts or all of the wii mote to enhance play unless you hate console games you love the wii's line up. Epic yarn just came out goldeye is coming with the new conduit and the new Zelda which will eat sorceress soup.

Then on top of this we have tons of games ranging from hardcore stuff to fitness puzzel games of all kinds.

Truthfully the only reason more gamers don't play the wii is their hope of finding a good match online or playing with friends or there HDTV just don't out put sd visuals very good.

What is funny is every time I play mariokart there are loads of people still playing with a very high skill level. The online shooters always have loads of people plus lots of people replay their wii games alot just like they did with their snes and nes. The only ones that don't play the wii are the casual hardcore that are basic graphic whores or new to gaming so they don't know what they are missing anyway.

So if you bought a wii to play stuff like sin and pun or even Sam showdown collection then your not a bored gamer yet if you need hype inorder to buy and play games then I understand move and kinect will be novelties yet kinect will make ms loads of money so they can fund the next xbox.

Parapraxis2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

"These control setups will take away from that power if used. "
Completely false
"Then we have the fact that Sony can't make a halo killer or a Mario killer nor a wii play or resort killer"
Oh I see.
You're just trolling.
(Neither MS or Nintendo has made a Gran Turismo "killer" see how stupid that sounds?)

You have never heard of subjectivity, nor does the phrase "_____ killer" really mean anything. Only idiots use that phrase.

Thecraft19892727d ago

Sony did not support the orignal ps eye toy becuase they new it had failed there was no need to even try and support a dead idea unless your Microsoft.

and now with move they are taking use of the ps3eye so whole comment is fail.

Shazz2727d ago

and the ps2 eyetoy still sold 10 million yet even sony themselves admit it was a bad idea coz it just doesnt work like buttons

Parapraxis2727d ago

Maybe they didn't support it as much as they should have, but I'd hardly call 10.5 million (as of the end of 2008) a failure.

Mahr2727d ago

"I'd hardly call 10.5 million (as of the end of 2008) a failure."

Bundling something with the most popular hardware in history tends to do that.

stuna12727d ago

That has got to be the most idiotic comment I have ever heard! Sony knows exactly what they are doing, thats why they're the billion dollar company, and you! Well you get the picture. I don't understand why people feel the need to toss them into this console war competition when they are not trying to outdo anyone, but themselves.

lexington2727d ago

there's no comparison here. Kinect is next gen and move is wii copy. This article should be comparing ps3hdwii to the original Wii. That would be more fair to ps3hdwii.

baker_boi2727d ago

The Eyetoy is bundled with the PS2?

When did they start doin this? There might be a specific bundle for that, but that aint no standard, how you state it matter of factually I have no idea.

I boughtmy PSEYE with Eye of Judgement, but I didn't even pay that shit on the PS2 any attention.

It was an innovative idea yeah, but they didnt have anything for me to play on it worth my time.

Though I hear there were a few fun "karate" games and shit like that.

Mahr2727d ago

"The Eyetoy is bundled with the PS2?"

Yes. And a game.

"When did they start doin this?"


"how you state it matter of factually I have no idea."

'Matter-of-factly', I believe you mean. And to answer your question, I can do so because I actually pay attention to game news and Sony released a statistic a while back saying that a ridiculous proportion of something like 85% of Eyetoy sales were due to the above bundle.

"I think"

No, I really do not believe you do.

"you're totally misinformed as well"


"[baseball, basketball, human leg]"

If you want to talk about sports and body parts stuff, I can recommend you some good sports and/or limb websites. You can go and discuss those things in their proper context while I stay here on the videogame site and talk about videogames.


baker_boi2722d ago

That link doesn't even have any where you can purchase that there "Bundle". It's just showing a bunch or words explaining the bundle.

And like I said and stand by, that shit wasn't a standard bundle. You couldnt just walk into a Wal-Mart and ask for the "EyeToy Bundle" fuckin jerk.

In fact tell me where and how long they offered that bundle?

You Sony JUST started bundling PSEYE with the PS3 THIS year? So how the fuck I'm supposed take your word on the Camera they DIDN'T support that well?

And to be clear, just because 85% of the eyetoy sales came from the PS2 bundle doesn't tell us a whole lot. They might of only had 200 SKU's in the shop(of that bundle) and sold 175.

Now 175 people have an EYETOY, consequential of purchasing a PS2. Point is that damn bundle wasn't common enough around here for any headlines(not in any particular place) to make note of it.

150 million PS2's, and less than a fraction of that with the Camera. The point stands.

n4gno2727d ago

So many dumb things and lies + time lost, you just have to write "i'm a dumb delusional Xtendofanboy in denial" and everyone understand.

best motion controler : move (nobody can't deny it) + sony eye toy, and move project are not "copys".

best games since ps1, ps2 : only nintentard can't deny that (more variety, more best scores, and more innovatives gameplay and tech : just check reviews)

best hardware : play you gamecube 1.5 if you want, but stop lying to yourself, even if gameplay is important, graphics counts !

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saoco2727d ago

i really have to disagree with your comment.... you fail to mention the many ps exclusives that are outstanding, sales dont mean that the game is actually good.... by the way we can argue that pseye was the first motion controller and just like the move 1ups the wii the kinect ups the pseye. in a couple of years none of the 3 will matter hell maybe not even the reg controller. i like the kinect but so far it's nothing but party games... which is cool and fun but it's not something that most would play all the time... the move is easy to integrate into existing games giving them more replay value. trust me im enjoing mag even more now, it makes every kill more rewarding some how... in fact i believe that's what gives the move a slight edge, the fact that it can work with different genres. im sure developers will use their ingenuity to make some badass games but for now it's move. the kinect is going the right direction (maybe) we'll just have to wait and see. i'd rather play sorcery than kinect's harry potter game.... the wii is out of the league now it went from the majors to AAA. want to understand how you can say that sony doesnot make good games or evolve gaming. ohh well sony has since ps1, always latest tech... giving time for devs to come up with outstanding games. you buy a ps3 and you will have the best library of exclusives across all genres, microsoft should of bought studios instead of bribing them for timed reases... by the way sony doesnot need a halo killer or mario killer.

Parapraxis2727d ago

I ready your comment, and agree. But seriously, it's hard to read. Please use some paragraphs, it's not like it takes a long time to hit ONE extra key.

You seem smart enough to write properly...that's all.

saoco2727d ago

sorry i wrote it on the ps3 browser. i just couldnt believe how miss informed some are... im gonna end it by sayng " THANK YOU NINTEDO FOR SREWING SONY "

Parapraxis2727d ago

Ah, that makes more sense.
Thanks for the reply.

Mahr2727d ago

"by the way we can argue that pseye was the first motion controller"

You *could* argue that, but you would be factually incorrect.


"i just couldnt believe how miss informed some are"


baker_boi2727d ago

I think you're totally misinformed as well.

I just can't believe people think video game consoles are the first advent of "Motion" "Gaming".

TheLastGuardian2727d ago

Playstation Move > Wii motion Plus > Kinect

punkpop1012727d ago

PS3 Fanboy > Everything.

Sheikh Yerbouti2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

LOL. I think the author assumes that if it stays connected, it is more likely to be used. Integrating Kinect with the interface is a better argument, but really who is going to do that either. Buttons are better.

For casuals, all three consoles are equally prone to the "dust bunny factor."

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