G4TV: Kinect Adventures Review

It was brilliant for Microsoft to not only pair Kinect with a non-sports title, but to include one that was so wonderfully done. To be quite honest, Adventures could have very easily been a throwaway title, but the care and consideration that went into the game is really kind of heartwarming and it doesn't hurt that the gameplay is addictively fun, either.

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gigaware2812d ago

Played this and I had a ball

big_silky2812d ago

it's nice to see people have fun with games and not go into conniptions about t3h graphics and t3h blu-ray. certain fanboys forgot what fun is....

number472812d ago

they want their excuse back.

Army_of_Darkness2812d ago

watcha talking about?!??! I had fun with the wii!!! oooh:O you were trying to defend kinect. lol! my bad...