Glitches And Cheats In Halo Reach

It didn't take long for the degenerates (or geniuses) of the gaming world to figure out new cheats, mods, exploits and H4X for halo Reach. This shouldn't shock anyone who's been a long time fan of the Halo series, you knew it was coming! Halo 1 had your occasional Glass Waller on XBC, and your infinite ammo glitch. It wasn't a ramped issue encountered often enough, to make you wanna ROIDRAGE. Halo 2 and Halo 3 had many common exploits that burned like a wild fire. Does anyone miss looking at the "Blue Screen of DOOM" in Halo2? Or how about the super jumping, and lunge glitch? The best cheat of all time has to be Bridging and Booting. Awwww those were the good days, may they rest in peace. There are several new ones this time around, and a few old ones I'm sure your all very familiar with. **This article is intended for educational and awareness purposes. Don't go out and do these noobalicious things to people!!!

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